Houston ~ NASA 1960’s Mission Control Tour, Training Facility & Rockets

you know I am convinced that the city of Houston rains more than the entire state of Washington this incredible man it’s every single time I come to Houston is just record breaking rain every single time there’s some clear it’s not gonna it’s gonna rain for like a week that’s not gonna rain all […]

IKEA Home Solar is easy

IKEA HOME SOLAR Easy to buy We’ve had solar panels for five weeks. June, July, August, September… We went solar eight months ago How did I order it again? That’s right, online! The IKEA membership card gave us a discount. The price includes; solar panels, converter, installation, service and an app for your phone. I […]

What Would It Take To Power Your Home For a Day?

Take a look around your home. Really look. How many electronics are plugged in right now? Toasters, air conditioners, and power-hungry screens surround you. The average American abode requires 30 kilowatt-hours of electricity every single day. But the amount of fuel that depends on the energy source. SOLAR PANELS One 300-watt, 18-square-foot solar panel can […]

Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Day 50 Update

hey everyone it is another way in Wednesday get to that weigh-in right now right scale you know what time it is let’s do it Oh Lady 5.2 now did make a mathematical mistake last week when I talked about how many pounds I’d actually lost but officially last week I came in at 188 […]

Houstons House of Beer, Art Cars, Hot Heads, & Authentic Tex Mex

morning everybody I got the Houston and guess what it started doing raining again every time I come to Houston it rains on me yesterday was a washout today there’s some sunshine breaks so I’m gonna be kind of battling with the Texas rain a little bit and trying to plan out my days in […]

Super High Tech Off-Grid Tiny House for Sustainable Living | Net Zero Energy Home

>>MAT: Hey everyone in this video, we’re gonna give you a full tour of a super innovative Net Zero tiny house that’s 100% solar-powered. It has a full roof made of integrated solar panels, an atmospheric water generator prototype. It’s insulated with vacuum insulated panels. It has a home automated system, a sliding loft, and […]

Cleetus McFarland Hosts Houston Burnouts, Drags, & Demolition Cars !!!

what’s going on everybody it is February 15 2020 on a beautiful Saturday here in Texas beautiful as in I found a spot of Texas that is not raining all day got last-minute tickets on a Thursday for anybody any of my viewers follow Cletus mcFarland he’s a he’s a car guy well he’s possibly […]

Lake Conroe Camping & Crazy Texas Weather

well good morning everybody welcome to sunny Texas here as we begin I am preparing to go south here in Texas probably all the way to the Gulf but gonna find some new stuff and I want to let you know this is one of my new favorite Thousand Trails campgrounds here at Lake Conroe […]

How to do produce electricity with a lemon | Science Projects

easy trick ( hack ) how to generate electricity with a lemon with cheap materials and home materials only need a lemon copper wire and steel wire funny science experiment for kids enjoy it