Couple Converts Army Truck into Apocalypse Tiny Home

We all know with tiny house design that people can get really creative, but I’ve never seen a tiny house quite like the one that I’m going to show you in today’s video. Zach and Crystal bought, an old army truck and using a lot of ingenuity and a little bit of Zach’s engineering skills, […]

How Net-Zero Buildings Can Help The Climate Crisis

When one thinks about fighting climate change, the first thing that comes to mind is wind turbines or solar panels or electric cars. But look around. A huge part of the solution is the building you’re sitting in right now and the buildings we’re gonna build nationally and globally over the next decades. One reason […]

10 Incredible Prefab Modular Homes From Archiblox Architects

– [Glen] Prefabricated homes, known more commonly as prefabs, are homes that are created off-site and then put together on-site. They have always been popular, as they typically offer a cheaper, faster and more sustainable way of constructing homes. High-end architects like Archiblox are breaking the norm for what a prefab should be by designing […]

SMUD Enviornmental Leadership: Clean energy and technology

At SMUD we’re committed to clean energy and technology that’s good for you and our community. Our energy resources, programs and services support clean energy solutions that help our environment and we provide options to help homes and businesses meet higher energy efficiency standards. Environmental leadership is a core value at SMUD. We were the […]

Ultimate Off-Grid VAN LIFE in Sprinter Van with a HUGE Solar System

Hey guys, Jenna here. Maybe you’ve never thought you wanted to live in a van, but I think after this week’s video you might just change your mind. Today I’m going to share the story of West and Savannah and their awesome van, which is totally decked out with a bunch of green energy and […]

They Live in a Skoolie w/ 5 Pets? Amazing Off-Grid Bus Home

Hi guys. Jenna here, and this is my dog Selise and I had to bribe her to do this video. So I adopted Selise when she was a puppy and I was building this tiny house. So she really hasn’t known much else besides living in a small space and she gets excited every time […]

Shipping container homes living off the grid | Tiny House Interiors

Shipping container homes living off the grid

Energy 101: Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy

We all know energy can come from the wind and the sun, but there’s a plentiful renewable resource covering more than 75% of the planet that you might not have thought about: our water! The movement of the ocean’s waves, tides, and currents carries energy that can be harnessed and converted into electricity to power […]

The Financial Benefits Of Solar Power

Hi I’m Elora Murray at Fusion 360 Studios reporting for the Elements Capital News Network. Today we are discussing the financial benefits of solar power.With rising utility costs, those who switch to solar could easily save over 45 thousand dollars on utilities during the next 15 years.Also, solar users only pay a fixed meter charge, […]