Awesome Benefits of Renewable Energy Projects – Ft. The Hoover Dam

How Dams Work (Hydro Dams)

Why We Should Stop Building Dams

Canada’s Syncrude Tailings is the largest. Tajikistan Nurek is the tallest. Brazil’s Itaipu is the most powerful. Damn dams are everywhere and they’re getting bigger all the time dammit! Hydropower is one of the oldest methods of power generation in the world. Today, we often think of Hoover dam, but ancient Greeks used the power […]

How Hydroelectricity works?

{Intro Music} Green or Renewable energy is generated from Natural sources Such as wind, water, sunlight, rain and geothermal heat. One of them is hydroelectricity which uses water as a source and is generated in Hydro-power plants today Hydroelectricity produces approximately 24 percent of the world’s electrical energy. In this video we will learn how […]