Solar Panel Companies in East El Paso & Horizon | Solar Maxx Inc.

Solar Panel Company in East El Paso & Horizon City | Solar Panel Installation by Solar Maxx Inc. are you tired of paying thousands of dollars to The Electric Company with no return on your investment with solar max a local El Paso solar company you can save thousands of dollars in electrical bills by […]

Legislative Update & Desert Silicon & Mesa Research Facility

>>>Coming up next on “Arizona Horizon,” the Governor calls a special session of the legislature after lawmakers fail to pass a bill on Medicaid expansion. We’ll have the latest in our weekly legislative update with the “Arizona Capitol Times.”>>>And a Tempe company working to make computer chips and other electronics more efficient. And we’ll learn […]

Focus on Sustainability: Solar Energy

>>>Coming up next on this special edition of “Arizona Horizon,” we’ll take look at plans to build a massive solar tower in the Western Arizona desert. We’ll hear from the people responsible for the State’s first net-zero energy school, and find out about EFAZ, a group working to improve Arizona’s environment through workplace giving. It’s […]

Krauss on Science & ASU Solar Energy Research

>>>Coming up next on “Arizona Horizon,” renowned physicist Lawrence Krauss stops by for a discussion on science news, tonight he’ll enlighten us on dark matter, and hear how an ASU research team is leading efforts to increase the efficiency of photovoltaic photocells, those stories next on “Arizona Horizon.” “Arizona Horizon” is made possible by contributions […]

Solar Power Projects & American Indian History

>>>Coming up next on “Arizona Horizon,” we’ll hear about a new solar Project approved for federal land in western Arizona.>>>And an ASU history Professor says it’s time to rethink the way American Indian history is considered. Those stories next on “Arizona Horizon.”>>”Arizona Horizon” is made possible by contributions from the friends of eight. Members of […]

The True Science of Parallel Universes

Everyone loves the idea of parallel universes – maybe it’s the appeal of an ideal world where you have second chances and things turn out differently – an alternate reality where you do get into Hogwarts and the Star Wars prequels aren’t made and you finally plug in your asymmetric computer cord correctly on the […]