This 3D-Printed Bunny Could Be the Future of Data Storage

This rabbit contains the instructions for how to replicate itself, just like all our living cells do. Even though it’s very clearly not alive, its instructions are encoded into DNA and then embedded into this 3D-printed plastic object. This… is an advanced proof of concept for DNA as data storage. Think about it: just like […]

Weekend Update: Headlines from 3/17/01 – SNL

[upbeat music] – From Studio 8H in Rockefeller Center, this is Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey. [audience cheers] – I’m Tina Fey. I said it already. – Oh, I’m Jimmy Fallon. Here are tonight’s top stories. People around the world drank themselves into oblivion today in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, or […]

Graphene ‘Wonder Material’ Can Now Be Made Using TRASH

Graphene is cool stuff. The single-atom thick layer of carbon has a number of properties that make it almost endlessly useful. Because of all the neat tricks it can do, it’s popularly dubbed a “wonder material,” but over a decade and a half after it was first isolated, the only thing I’m wondering is: where […]

Meet the Xenobot, the World’s First-Ever “Living” Robot

You’re looking at the world’s first “living” robots. That’s right, these micro-machines are in fact brand new programmable lifeforms that researchers believe could help clean microplastics from our oceans or even repair organs inside our bodies. So what exactly are these little things and should we expect to see them whizzing through our bloodstreams any […]

‘Ghost Particles’ Erupting from Antarctica Could Shatter Standard Physics

You may think scientists stationed in Antarctica are just playing with penguins or studying leopard seals. But some of them are down there to fly balloons or watch ice cubes. Special balloons and special ice cubes. Like the balloon-based experiment ANITA, which has seen things we thought weren’t possible, and could show us that our […]

This Massive Black Hole Is Blasting a Jet at 99% the Speed of Light

In April of 2019, astronomers revealed they had successfully taken the first picture ever of a black hole. Well, you know, the black hole’s silhouette at least, since it’s impossible to take a photo of a black hole itself without crossing the event horizon and getting spaghetti-fied. Now, astronomers have announced that the same black […]

Light Pollution Is One of the World’s Biggest Buzzkills…Here’s Why

Have you ever come home from a long day to find your front door swarmed by flying insects? Or more accurately, your front door’s light? Turns out, that’s more than a minor inconvenience. Light pollution is contributing to worldwide insect decline and that’s actually a huge problem. Insects may seem pesky. They bite and sting […]

Hubble Spotted New Evidence That Dark Matter Is “Cold”

Cosmologists know that dark matter must exist. If it didn’t, the rate galaxies spin would tear them apart— so there must be something unaccounted for generating the gravity that’s holding them together. Something that doesn’t interact with regular matter in any other way that we’ve detected yet. What exactly that something is, is anyone’s guess—and […]

This Is the Biggest Neutron Star Collision We’ve Ever Detected

Gravitational waves resulting from crashing neutron stars have rocked our universe once again. And while you may not have felt it, LIGO sure did. And these gravitational waves are the ripples from a collision of the most massive neutron star pair we have ever witnessed. As you may know, this isn’t LIGO’s first rodeo with […]

China’s Crazy Plan to Launch an Artificial Moon

Guess what? China has announced plans to launch an “artificial moon” into our skies by 2020. And, as crazy as that sounds, it’s not actually the first time something like this has been attempted. But first. China’s new plan. As reported in China Daily, China plans to launch an “illumination satellite” into orbit above the […]