Couple Living OFF-GRID in a SAILBOAT – Ep. 131

Stuck In Paris ~ Worse Places To Need A Towtruck…

good morning all you beautiful people out there from Texas I’m just just north of Tyler Texas here at a really pretty Lake Reservoir Chile the high today is only 53 but I mean for me it’s still shorts and a t-shirt for me it is because once the Sun hits you it feels good […]

Free Texas Camping ALONE on the River ~ GORGEOUS

who needs chin scratches chin scratches who’s a good boy a good boy I found my little piece of paradise here up in Texas even a day without any rain finally we have broke the consecutive days of rain record here in Texas finally broken it up this is the remnants of an old campground […]

Saddle-Up, Partner. Roxy Gets Some Love

morning everyone Livingston Texas I got my little five-hour Sun break here today but I’ve been just begging Texas for it will rain later tonight but like I said nice nice day for a project two projects going on today before I leave tomorrow getting out of here tomorrow doing something brand-new but we got […]

Never Expected This From Texas! My 4-Month Plate Ordeal

hey everyone I still haven’t found a spot to wash the under chassis of the RV but not giving up eventually I will today getting back on the road and not really filming this place because I’ve already stayed here although it’s been a few years so I’ll let you know labonte Park about 20 […]

Facing Uncertainty

but no matter how we look at what’s happening in the world and no matter how we look at how you perceive the world one of the greatest transformers of consciousness one of the greatest cultivators of presence one of the most potent catalysts that brings you out of the narrative of ego and into […]

We Can Power The World With Algae!

You know when you’re minding your own business, swimming in a lake or ocean and that green blob touches you and you’re NOT DOWN. That stuff could power your house, your car, and it could even stop global warming. Hey there muckrakers, thanks for watching DNews, I’m Trace. Algae is plural. It encompasses a large […]

President Obama on the 100th Day of the Recovery Act in Nevada

Senator Reid: First of all, thank you for being here. Thank you for being here at Nellis Air Force Base. The reason I always love to say, Nellis Air Force Base is, I want everyone here to know that Bill Nellis, the person for whom this wonderful base is named — Searchlight, Nevada. Audience Member: […]

Weight Loss Update ~ MAJOR Goal Hit Much Earlier!!!

hey everyone I may not be calling this an official weight-loss Wednesday video but I do want to update you because I have some very big news let’s check out the scale but first a big shout-out to my video sponsor thank you again expressvpn for sponsoring this video don’t give a hacker easy access […]

I Got An Electric Bicycle!! E-Bike Time!!!

what’s going on everybody coming to you from the Capitol State Forest here in Washington State and I have something big and awesome and fun to share with you finally on a bright sunny day that’s why I came out here I can’t wait to show you my eat bag let’s go check it out […]