Ways to Conserve Electricity…

Save on Electric Bill Video to find out a way to make the motors in your home or businesses more efficient like you Central Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, Pool Pump, or Large Refrigeration Motors like in Supermarkets. We are always looking for ways to get a Lower Electric Bill by reducing our power usage. Sign […]

Best Ways to Conserve Electricity!

Why is My Electric Bill so High? Perhaps the answer can be found on the next few frames… One of the Primary Reasons why your Electric Bill is too high is perhaps because of your appliances which are still plugged in and consuming electricity even if they are not in use. In the past, this […]

KOOLBlanket: Attic Insulation (Save Money On Your Electricity Bill)

My name is Chris Jackson, product specialist at Healthy Home 365 and I’m here today to talk about our KOOLBlanket Multi Layered Insulation. Let’s face it, your attics traditional insulation is just not enough to protect your home against hot and cold weather; which means overworked AC units in the summer and loss of heat […]

[HOT 2014!!] How To Save on Electric Bill – Ways To Save Energy

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