What is energy for kids | Learn about Energy Sources | Renewable Energy | الطاقة | エネルギー | zaffron

Energy what is energy light well that’s a type of energy we use all the temp through outside all day long we get light from the Sun plants can turn sunlight into useful energy which makes them grow food gives energy to animals and humans so they can live almost anything that moves can be […]

KOOLBlanket: Attic Insulation (Save Money On Your Electricity Bill)

My name is Chris Jackson, product specialist at Healthy Home 365 and I’m here today to talk about our KOOLBlanket Multi Layered Insulation. Let’s face it, your attics traditional insulation is just not enough to protect your home against hot and cold weather; which means overworked AC units in the summer and loss of heat […]

SWAP 4 | Ep. 1| At L’Oréal USA

Coming up on the Better Buildings Challenge SWAP: So this is interesting – if you look we’re 67 and a half degrees here. Back over by the machinery over there we were 76, 77. Noticing they reduce the number of tubes per fixture here. That’s a good practice we can take back to our facility. […]