Solar Saving Tips | Get the MOST Out of Your San Jose Solar System!

If you’re thinking of going solar in San Jose, Here are some tips from Semper Solaris to help you save money Get solar sooner rather than later There’s a 30% tax credit that will be decreasing drastically in the next few years You can secure the full 30% tax credit if you purchase solar before […]

How to Make Hydraulic Robotic Arm from Cardboard!

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New free energy electric dc motor generator 220v AC to 12V DC – DIY Experiments projects at school

New free energy electric dc motor generator 220v AC to 12V DC – DIY Experiments projects at school

Jon’s Bus Conversion Part 9 – RV Solar Power

Let’s take a walk through the bus. It’s one of those rare times when it’s clean. Here’s the water heater. Normally it would be mounted on the floor. I was going to put it on the floor behind the seat but but for various reasons… I want to hook up the water heater to the […]

Build Your Own DIY Homemade Solar Panels With Earth4Energy Guide

I’d like to welcome you to my video review of Earth4Energy, whcih is a guide to build homemade power systems, including solar power systems and wind power systems. In this review I’m going talk the 4 main parts of the Earth4Energy system, that’s the Earth4Energy ebook, the how to video series, the bio-diesel ebook, and […]

Solar Electrical Experiments

I finally jumped on the band-wagon and got a pair of solar panels. So, now that we’ve got access to free, and virtually unlimited amounts of electricity, let’s hook them up and experiment, with some of the things they can do. To start this project, I got a couple of 100-watt solar panels from […]

Architectural Design Process | Form, Orientation and Sunlight

Hey, Eric here with 30 by 40 Design Workshop, I wanted to talk about how architects use the Sun to influence their designs, but rather than speak in generalities, I wanted to use a detail from a project to show you how it works in practice. Before we get into the detail you’ll need a […]

DIY Marquee Letters | How to

Hey guys! We’re Evan and Katelyn and today, we’re going to make DIY metal and wood marquee letters This project is really special to us, cause we made the first set for our wedding and it’s also the first DIY project we did together, so… Crazy! We posted a tutorial on our blog back in […]


This episode is brought to you by Dashlane; never forget another password and keep all your credentials secure by signing up for a free account today! Imagine this: A sudden bright light followed by the sounds of the heavens opening. An intense heat blast smashes through the city and a gigantic mushroom cloud slowly rises. […]

How To Approach Strangers (5 EASY STEPS)

People where I live or not friendly, I don’t have to approach them. Hi, I’m Johnny from the art of charm what I like to speak to you today is a commonly held thought the lots of people have upon approaching new people for the first time. The belief is that people in my town […]