Solar Soil Moisture Meter // Becky Stern

Hi, it’s Becky. Today we’re making a solar powered soil moisture monitor. It uses an ESP8266 wifi microcontroller running some low power Arduino code, and everything’s waterproof so it can be left outside. Let’s get started. You’ll need a solar battery charging board and ESP8266 breakout such as the NodeMCU or Huzzah, as well as […]

Solar USB Charger // Becky Stern

Hey, it’s Becky Stern here. Today we’re making a solar charging USB backup battery. This simple soldering project will charge your phone or tablet, perfect for camping or the next time the power goes out. Let’s get started. You’ll need a solar battery charging board and powerboost, both from adafruit, as well as a battery, […]

STELR How to use the Solar Cells

This video will be about setting up the solar panel experiments for the STELR Renewable Energy program. Here we have our solar panel. It has four cells on it. There’s a schematic down the front here which shows you which cell is which. And each cell has a positive and negative terminal. We need a […]

4W-Drive Educational Salt & Solar Powered Car

this is my new car I found it last week in a DIY store this little car has got the zero mechanical parts but most interesting one is the power system it comes with a little 1.5 volt battery that gets charged only by adding a little salt with the water the gearbox is designed […]

SolarCity and the Mountain View Solar CO-OP

BRUCE KARNEY: So now that our technical difficulties are behind us– knock on wood– I’d like to introduce myself. I am Bruce Karney and I’m the person who started the Mountain View Solar Buyers Group. The genesis of it was a visit I paid in the middle of January to home in Portola Valley where […]

Learn about Solar Energy and Solar Panel Installation…

>>McCLINTOCK: Okay. Am I on? Can you guys hear me all right?>>Okay. >>McCLINTOCK: Okay. Thank you so much for having us, thatís–we really appreciate it. All right then. The technology works, okay. First of all before I start, let me ask a little about you all. How many of you know absolutely nothing about solar […]

My own solar system: Installing solar panels at my house

>>MURVEIT: Good morning and welcome. This is a presentation about solar energy basically from the point of view of people who had it installed and then also from the point of view of one of the people working in the industry. My name is Hy Murveit. I’m a research scientist here at Google and I […]