How do Electric Transmission Lines Work?

In the past, power generating plants were only able to serve their local areas. Electricity didn’t have far to travel between where it was created and where it was used. Since then, things have changed, and most of us get our electricity from the grid, huge interconnected areas of power producers and users. As power […]

World’s Largest Batteries – (Pumped Storage)

Electricity faces a fundamental problem that comes with pretty much any product that’s provided on-demand: our ability to generate large amounts of it doesn’t match up that closely with when we need it. Wind and solar power are becoming more cost effective, but they’ll always be unreliable and intermittent sources of energy. Retailers use warehouses […]

How Dams Work (Hydro Dams)

Unimpounded Hydropower for the Poor (XPRIZE Proposal)

Hydroelectricity is one of our cheapest and most reliable forms of renewable energy. Unfortunately, it has a lot of environmental side effects because of its reliance on dams and moving parts, like turbines, to turn kinetic energy into electricity. These make life difficult for salmon and a lot of other kinds of fish, plus it’s […]

The Romaine complex: A new generation of hydropower pioneers

♪ The Romaine complex A new generation of hydropower pionners An imprssive project in harmony with nature Energy tht is clean, renewable, reliable and abundant Four generating stations with reservoirs Romaine-1 Romaine-2 Romaine-3 Romaine-4 Complex’s installed capacity : 1,550 MW 8 billion kWh a year Start of construction: 2009 End of construction: 2021 Jobs created […]

Hey Aldo! Which village are you destroying to be “carbon neutral?”

Este es mi amigo Tom Tom vive en un hermoso lugar en Chile llamado el “Cajón del Maipo” Es ingeniero en recursos naturales, le gusta hacer rafting y caminar en las montañas, y tiene una hija Esa pequeña niña es mi hija que también ama este río El río Maipo es muy importante para Tom […]

Maamba Collieries coal-fired power plant to solve Zambia’s energy crisis | World Finance

World Finance: Zambia is nearly completely reliant on hydropower: 96 percent of its energy is fuelled by the Zambezi river. But climate change is affecting capacity, and long power cuts are now a daily occurrence. One solution: coal. Ashwin Devineni and PJV Sarma join me now. Ashwin, let’s start with the Maamba Collieries project. 300 […]

Energy stoge in Pumped storage hydropower plant: in Hindi

Do you know ? There is one energy storage system, that is so big, that it is possible, to supply electrical power to one entire city. You have 20 seconds to answer, Answer, Pump storage in hydro power station, Water is pumped, from a water storage tank at lower level, to higher level storage tank, […]

75 years of ingenuity and innovation

75 years of ingenuity and innovation Québec Québec 1,668,800 km2 Québec Forty times the size of Switzerland Tremendous hydropower potential developed by Hydro-Québec Hydro-Québec: A vertically integrated power company Design engineer Builder Power generator Transmission provider Distributor One shareholder: Québec government 36,800 MW One of the world’s leading hydropower producers Hydro-Québec: Specialized in large hydropower […]

Forging a Hydroelectric Future

[music] Dorothy Harris: Machining, welding, pipefitting, cleaning, oiling. A hydromechanic is everything but electrical. We balance. We rotate. We take apart. We put together. And that’s just the beginning. [music] In the United States Navy, I spent 16 years as an aviation metal smith. Heavy structures was my specialty. I got out, wandered the globe, […]