Colorado Experience: Hydro Power

MAN: The cost of fuel was outstripping any kind of profit that they could get from their mine. WOMAN: At that time, the power source — coal — bringing that in to power the power plant was becoming impossible. MAN: Mine owners were constantly losing money trying to bring new and more powerful sources of […]

How It Works: John W. Keys III Pump-Generating Plant

[music] The goal of irrigating the Columbia Basin project was always, there just sidetracked for a few years during the war. The government than began working on building the pump station, putting in a number of rather unique generators which can be used to pump water up the hill. And from the reservoir it creates […]


welcome all of u. this is run of type hydropower. where different component is present. whats phenomenon in ror hydropower. we have to show the certain mechanism of hydropower production.this is model of hydropower which is not in scale. we are from kwopa engineering college where we have my fren abin sing damdor karki laxuman […]

River of Power (1987)

President Roosevelt: I want to give two or three simple facts. This Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River, with Oregon on the south side of the river and Washington on the North, when fully completed will produce 580,000 horsepower of electricity, which will give us more wealth …[applause and cheering] … a better living and […]

Introduction to BPA Film Collection: Volume One, Disc One, 1939-1954

Libby Burke, Researcher, BPA Library: I’m Libby Burke. I’m the research librarian in the Bonneville Power Administration Library. I’d like to welcome you to our historical films. My background is as a film archivist, so when I arrived at the BPA I immediately gravitated towards their film program. I wanted to see what it was […]

Small Hydropower Systems

To many Wyomingites hydropower conjures up images of giant dams on the North Platte or Wind River, but hydropower comes in many sizes. Small hydropower where a system produces enough electricity from one to several hundred homes is seeing increased interest. Here at the municipally owned Buffalo hydroelectric facility raw water is diverted from Clear […]

Hydro: Power to Make the American Dream Come True (1939)

[Music] [On Screen: United States Department of the Interior Presents: HYDRO The Story of Columbia River Power Filmed by Bonneville Power Administration Information Division Written by Stephen B. Kahn Photographed by Charles S. Piper — Parris Emery Narrator: Phil Irwin Music by William Lava Orchestrations by Herman Hand Produced and Directed by Gunther V. Fritsch] […]

Hydropower generation and potential around the world

Did you know That global investment in renewable energy now outstrips investment in fossil fuel? Did you know that in 2013 there was more hydro commissioned than solar and wind? Actually, with the recent developments world hydropower capacity has now reached 1,000 giga watts (GW) That’s enough to provide renewable electricity to 1 billion people […]

Power to the Planet – Solar

Every hour of every day, the sun beams more than enough energy onto our planet to satisfy global electricity demands for an entire year. Solar is also a fuel source that the electricity industry is really expanding into- in terms of large commercial solar installations. Thirty years ago, solar cells could only convert a few […]

What Is a Renewable Energy Certificate?

Have you ever wondered, when you turn on your lights, where that electricity is coming from? In the United States, most electricity comes from coal, natural gas, and nuclear; and some renewable sources, like hydropower, wind, and solar. No matter where electricity is generated, it is mixed together on the shared electricity grid. When you […]