Along the banks of the Yangtze – E4/6 – The Dam

This is the largest dam in the world, the Three Gorges Dam in the Yangtze River. In two months, I travel upstream across China, from Shanghai to Shangri-La… to photograph the banks of the Yangtze and those who live there. along the banks of the Yangtze The Three Gorges Dam is perhaps the most prestigious […]

Prize Competition – Powering Electronic Equipment on a Rotating Shaft

[Sound Effect] Jason: Behind me you can see the rotating element from a 165-megawatt generating unit, but when it’s spinning at over 150 rpm and weighing over one million pounds the physical forces on it can be extreme. The better we can understand the vibrations and electrical forces that are on this unit the longer […]

U.S. Wind Capacity Surpasses Hydropower

Wind surpassed hydro as the biggest source of renewable electricity here in the U.S. thanks to a tripling of wind capacity since 2008. You may be wondering where are all these wind turbines going up? Well the top 3 states are Texas, Iowa, and Oklahoma. So how much power are we actually talking about here? […]

Unimpounded Hydropower for the Poor (XPRIZE Proposal)

Hydroelectricity is one of our cheapest and most reliable forms of renewable energy. Unfortunately, it has a lot of environmental side effects because of its reliance on dams and moving parts, like turbines, to turn kinetic energy into electricity. These make life difficult for salmon and a lot of other kinds of fish, plus it’s […]

Patrizia Toia, MEP | Rights for Hydropower

Good evening Madame Toia, you are the vice president of Industry Committee Research on Energy at EU Parliament that’s exactly what concern us and we are now at the Parliament. To your mind what’s of interest in the hydropower field? Yes thank you many thanks to give me the chance to discuss on this I […]

Renew by Hydro – English

Do we arrive at greatness by taking the easy path? Not this journey. Greatness comes through daring and courage…the courage to scale mountains, cross the sea to cut a path from the coast to the border. So tighten your grip and find sure footing, because there’s much to forge ahead. The work is just beginning. […]

The Romaine complex: A new generation of hydropower pioneers

♪ The Romaine complex A new generation of hydropower pionners An imprssive project in harmony with nature Energy tht is clean, renewable, reliable and abundant Four generating stations with reservoirs Romaine-1 Romaine-2 Romaine-3 Romaine-4 Complex’s installed capacity : 1,550 MW 8 billion kWh a year Start of construction: 2009 End of construction: 2021 Jobs created […]

Brief introduction to Egiin Goliin hydropower plant project 2015

Egiin Goliin Hydropower Plant This history begins with the first site investigation for dam construction which was conducted by Russian Energoset project institute between 1964 and 1965. By this investigation totally 28 feasible sites were identified on Mongolian territory. One of them is the planned site for Egiin Goliin hydropower plant’s dam construction at the […]

Clean energy to power us all | Long version (60 s)

-Hydro again. Other than sending me bills, what do they do? -I can tell you! For starters… We supply 8 million Quebecers with energy that’s over 99% green, making Québec one of the most eco-friendly places on the planet. But that’s not all. We roll out charging stations across Québec. And we develop electric motors […]