Renewable Energy Opportunities in Asia

JEFF HAMILTON: Hi, this is Jeff Hamilton. Iím with the Commercial Service office based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Many of you are currently Commercial Service clients, and some of you are new to the Commercial Service. Real briefly, the Commercial Service has offices throughout the United States and throughout the world, and our organization […]

Missouri Wind and Solar & USA SolarWorld solar panels

Hi everybody, I’m Jeff from Missouri Wind and Solar and I want to show you the new SolarWorld mono solar panels we’re starting to carry. These are really nice panels, they’re made in America, and I’ll give you a look at the backside so you can see what it looks like. Okay, there’s the specs […]

Solar Panels in Andhra Pradesh||solar panel subsidy||solar panel installation

LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE Apepdcl solar panel How to purchase solar panel with subsidy 30% subsidy on solar panel purchase Rs computers

Job Opportunities after BE/Btech in Electrical Engineering

Hi, Welcome to our next video on Job opportunities in Electrical Engineering. Every year, around 1.5 million engineers complete their degree. From them around 10% are Electrical Engineers. And everyone has one question what is next best option. In this video we will see the Job scenario for fresher after completing BE/Btech in Electrical Engineering […]

Zadar In Your Pocket – Greeting to the Sun

Another cool installation in Zadar done by the same architect, Nikola Bašić and very close the Sea Organ is this installation called Greeting to the Sun. Basically it’s working on the principle that during the day it collects the energy of the sun and when the sun goes down it starts creating beautiful colourful light […]

is there enough sunshine in the northeast for solar panels to work

Does the Northeast have enough sunshine for solar panels to work properly? Yes, based on studies published by several Solar experts, the Northeast averages over 4 hours of sunshine per day. Germany, as an example, is a world leader in solar installations and they get nearly half the amount of sunlight we do. Combined with […]

Discovery Channel – Large Asteroid Impact Simulation

An asteroid with a diameter of 500 km. Destination: The Pacific Ocean. The impact peels the 10 km crust off the surface. The shockwave travels at hypersonic speeds. Debris is blasted across into low Earth orbit, and returns to destroy the surface of the Earth. The firestorm encircles the Earth, vaporizing all life in its […]