What Happens if a Solar Panel Breaks?

my name is Nicolas Brush and I’m a PV Designer here at Semper Solaris if a solar panel ends up breaking on your house as the results of our monitoring technology that’ll be instantly picked up these solar panels are by default under warranty for 25 years and so if a solar panel breaks on […]

Electricity in India – Can Someone Turn on The Lights? | India Loud & Clear | EP 5

This week in India Loud and Clear we will see India, which is still untouched by electricity. Our country is the world’s 7th biggest economy, yet there are many people who are deprived of a simple thing like electricity. How many? Beware, this is a hot issue. Indian government claims 100% electrification. In april 2018, […]

Kashmir Wants Electricity – At What Cost? | Rafiqa reports

In 2013 congress led government in India had announced that…. if any agricultural land is used under any project the compensation will be 4 times more than actual market cost Why are they providing us less compensation? If any one’s 4 to 10 Marlas land is used under this project they are provided compensation for […]

This Young Scientist Is Bringing Cheap Electricity To Those Without It

For over one fifth of the global population, this darkness is a permanent reality, and I wanted to make a difference. The ultimate goal is to actually deploy Harvest so people across the world, especially in Third World countries, can have access to electricity. I started off by experimenting with this piezoelectric effect, and it’s […]

India: Should Jatropha Run Cars When Fossil Fuels Run Out?

The Scorpio, India’s latest weapon in the biofuel battle, runs on weeds. Specifically Jatropha which, pollutes 90% less than petrol. It’s got a big sting behind it, and the big sting is it runs on vegetable oil, it runs on biofuel. And it saves the environment. It really saves the evironment. It’s a clean car. […]

This village in Bihar has never seen electricity

In the village of Keshwar Bigha, Khajuri block, Arwal district of Bihar electricity hasn’t reached. Due to lack of electricity, the hamlet of Yadav Bhalot are facing several difficulties. What are the difficulties that you face due to lack of electricity? We face several problems due to lack of electricity. Our entire village, children face […]

Recreating a 4000 Year Old Battery – Was Electricity Used in Ancient Times?

Hey guys, in this video I am gonna show you the recreation of an electric battery, which was used in Ancient India. This battery was described by a sage called Agastya who lived at least 4000 years ago, and what I am making is according to what’s being described in the ancient text called Agastya […]

Interview Series by Dr. Neelam Goyal | Medical College Student | Nuclear Power Program, INDIA

I am a second year student from Govt. Medical College Bhavnagar. So Actually before I sat here I used to believe that Nuclear Energy is you know not a very good option. But after all this conversation and all I would like to say that you know every time in the society we show only […]