Auto Industry and Coronavirus l Covid-19 l #stayhome ⚠️⛔

hello guys and welcome back to a new video today we will talk a little bit about the auto industry after coronavirus and how the coronavirus or covid-19 affect the auto industry and I am here to give you a few information about those stuff I have a lot of friends in auto industry and […]

An Update on the Economic Census for the Utilities Sector

Coordinator: …at that time to ask a question press Star 1 on your phone and record your name at the prompt. Today’s call is being recorded. If you have any objections you may disconnect at this time. I would now like to turn the call over to Andrew Hait. Thank you, you may begin. Andrew […]

Why We’re Moo-ving Toward Decarbonization

Decarbonization. It’s a key factor in the fight against climate change. The goal is simple, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions around the world as soon as possible. Our planet can not be saved unless we leave fossil fuels in the ground where they belong. Decarbonization requires both sweeping change and incremental steps, working industry by […]

The Digital Future of Industrial Laundries | Schneider Electric

You can’t get washing machines to work faster, but you can get them to work more efficiently. Thanks to Schneider Electric and Vartex, we’ve been able to do 32% more washes for the same costs in the past year. We realised that we need our own operating system. And if we want to develop an […]


With 85% of the world’s energy usage lying in fossil fuels(Hendrickson 2018), and countless other industries reliant on derivatives from fossil-fuel refinement, such as plastics, beauty products, and agricultural chemicals, it is safe to say coal, petroleum, and natural gas have had a major impact on world society and industrial development. So exploration for fossil […]

Petition to stop expansion of fossil fuels industry

A petition carrying more than 100,000 signatures opposing plans to expand the fossil fuels industry has been presented to Parliament. Greenpeace launched the petition, calling for the plans to be scrapped. Energy and Resources Minister Phil Heatley says there are some people who really want to work in the industry.

Moon: Industrial Complex

This episode is sponsored by Brilliant. The Moon has beckoned to humanity throughout history, and it will soon be our ladder, extending our reach further into the cosmos. Today we’ll be looking at the Moon, and how it might in the century to come serve as a vital manufacturing and fuel refining depot and stepping […]

Introducing the FreshBox – an innovative cooler from BSH which works without electricity

Africa, more than 1.2 Billion people live here but over half of them don’t have access to electricity. This, and extensive heat, make food storage a huge challenge. But where there’s big challenges there’s also big opportunities. People in Africa often have to walk long distances to purchase groceries, so therefore they have either the […]

Moon visits port of Pyeongtaek to support export of green energy vehicles

president when Jane is visiting the port of Pyeongtaek tongues and today to witness the first batch of green energy cars being shipped out of the country this year and as eleventh event related to the auto industry since taking office the president hopes to show his support for the industry as well as his […]