How does the electricity-free Coolar refrigerator work?

Hi I’m Christoph one of the co-founders of Coolar This fridge is going to a field test today and before we send it out I’ll explain to you exactly how it works This Coolar fridge runs completely without electricity Instead it uses solar heat to run a sorption cooling cycle in this way it can […]

Will We Ever Cure Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed in women in the United States, right behind skin cancer. While it largely affects women, it can also occur in men. Fortunately, thanks to awareness, early detection, and research, survival rates have increased but there’s still a lot we’re learning. So how far have we come […]

Top 5 Solar Gadgets 2017 P2 | Solar System In A Box | Solar panels of future

hello products are shown in no particular order to know more links in the description below sit back and enjoy number one on list Oh ah Oh number two Solar paper is super small and slim so you can conveniently carry the solar paper when traveling or even in daily life a new solar energy […]

Cheaper and greener electricity at home

Our days are regulated by the use of appliances that weigh on our electricity bills. But machines like air conditioning, water boilers or refrigerators could be less expensive if used in a clever way. To help us save money, experts from the EU-funded project ADDRESS have developed this Energy Box, currently tested by Spanish households. […]

How solar saves sea turtles and the future of fishing: Jesse Senko: Arizona State University (ASU)

– I never would imagine how many different groups of people would be involved, saving sea turtles. (peaceful music) – People love sea turtles. And I don’t know why people love sea turtles, but they’re an important thing to many, many people and it’s not just around the coast. You can go anywhere in this […]

What is economic value, and who creates it? | Mariana Mazzucato

Value creation. Wealth creation. These are really powerful words. Maybe you think of finance, you think of innovation, you think of creativity. But who are the value creators? If we use that word, we must be implying that some people aren’t creating value. Who are they? The couch potatoes? The value extractors? The value destroyers? […]

Renewable Fossil Fuels

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the swrm! Experts agree that everyone on our planet needs to reduce emissions below the sustainable limit in order to curb manmade climate change. But we all know this will be a mammoth task without huge financial input and it will take time that is quickly running out. Changing an […]

2020 Unity Corner Bed

Hey, Dean with Leisure Travel Vans, today we’re gonna have a look at the 2020 Unity Corner Bed. It’s been exactly 10 years that we’ve brought out this beautiful Unity motorhome, CB model corner bed. This is beautiful. Have a look at that beautiful curve, body design, aerodynamic looks outstanding! The brand new Mercedes-Benz, next […]

Delta Electricity – Energy Productivity in Action

So the bio-mass co-firing programme involved principally taking wood fibre and adding it to the coal stream as we burn it, in small percentages up to 5% so that we can safely combust it in the burners with the coal. In terms of greenhouse gas savings, roughly for every tonne of wood we burn we […]