SWINCAR – The Innovative And Ingenious Cross Country Electric 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle

Swincar, the pleasure of electric mobility in harmony with nature. The 4WD SWINCAR is a new way of driving, great for all types of environment – hills and valleys, snow and sand. With the silent running of the SWINCAR you can enjoy nature the insects and birds, the wind in the grass. The SWINCAR is […]

Why aren’t there fully electric big airplanes yet ? | Future of hybrid and hydrogen airplanes

Electric cars, trains, trams and boats already exist. That logically leads to the question: why are we not seeing large electric aircraft? And will we see them any time soon? Electric flight was first tested in the 1900s and the innovations kept coming through the second half of the 20th century. French military engineers Charles […]

Sustainable aviation fuel

Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, Beep. That’s more like it. Our planet was full of lush, dense forests. When the prehistoric organisms died, they sedimented deep into the earth’s crust. Creating the fossil fuels which power the modern world. (well, sort of, but you get the idea). As humans evolved, so did our quest […]

Meet the Autonomous Insect Robots That Will One Day Swarm the Skies

It has wings, a “brain,” and is the world’s first insect-sized drone able to wirelessly take flight. It’s RoboFly: a member of an entirely new class of flying robots. And its specialties aren’t limited to the sky: it can navigate obstacles on land and in the water, too. The team behind this latest innovation is […]

The Electric Wave: Behind the Scenes

– Can’t see anything. – Three, two, and one. And cut, cut. (upbeat music) – Let’s go, time to work. (upbeat music) (camera shuttering) It’s gonna be a lot of trial and error, on this whole thing. – [Coco] Especially with the three. – [Stephanie] Yeah, finding the sweet spot with the three of us […]

Why We Still Don’t Have Electric Planes

What could a future with electric planes look like? $25 tickets, quieter airports, or even shorter runways. Companies have been betting on battery-powered planes for this cleaner future. But even though electric planes have been around since the 1970s, they haven’t really taken off. So, what’s keeping them grounded? In the late 1800s, two French […]

How These Volunteers Are Fighting Soil Erosion

Narrator: Building healthy earth is a passion for Matthew Trumm. It all starts with rotting plants and early morning phone calls. – John! – Matthew. It’s Egypt calling. Narrator: He is part of a growing worldwide network evangelizing the powers of healing soil by replanting native species, sculpting land to store water, and composting. Their […]

Jeff Bezos Reveals Why He’s Spending Billions Of Dollars To Go To Space

– Come to share with us briefly the vision of Blue Origin, and the idea of kind of a space tourism with renewable rockets. – This is super important to me, and I believe on the longest time frame, and really, here, I’m thinking of a time frame of a couple hundred years. So, over […]