My name is Annemiek, I am 22 years old and I am from the Noordoostpolder. I am responsible for the aerodynamics and I am a racer. Why am I participating in the World Solar Challenge? I think it is an awesome project and I have thought so for a long time. It has been a […]

Boyan Slat: How we will rid the oceans of plastic (May 2017)

[Applause] what if there were an even better way to clean the ocean for the past two years we’ve been working on something that will make that possible what we’re about to show you looks like nothing you’ve seen before and I’m so glad we can finally share it with you here tonight but before […]

Why Don’t We Have Water Powered Cars Yet?

Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin! Hey there! Welcome to my garage-slash-workshop-slash-Olympic-sized swimming pool room. And it’s the perfect place to work on my new invention, a water-powered car! Well, ok, it’s not *technically* my invention. The idea for water-powered cars has been kicking around for ages. Jules Verne wrote that “water will be the […]

Solar Power Plant in Honduras is Largest in Latin America and Most Efficient Worldwide

Welcome to the solar power plant Nacaome and Valle which is the largest in Latin America and the most efficient on a worldwide scale. This energy project covers one million square meters of land area with 480,500 solar panels that allow it to generate 145MW of electricity. The company executives say it is the largest […]

Legislative Update & Desert Silicon & Mesa Research Facility

>>>Coming up next on “Arizona Horizon,” the Governor calls a special session of the legislature after lawmakers fail to pass a bill on Medicaid expansion. We’ll have the latest in our weekly legislative update with the “Arizona Capitol Times.”>>>And a Tempe company working to make computer chips and other electronics more efficient. And we’ll learn […]

Solar energy in an app to power Africa

What we do here is social business. It must be a business so that we can make it grow because the challenge is to benefit millions, or tens of millions, hundreds of millions of people but we still have a social impact, which is very important. Africa is a land of innovation. Even though there […]

How to Power the World for Just Two Cents | Frank van Mierlo | TEDxBeaconStreet

When I was a boy, we played with something called Vuurstenen which translates as “fire rocks”. One rock on its own is rather useless. But two rocks together? Two rocks together can give a magnificent spark. In that collision, there’s energy, a spark, and this is a talk about rocks, energy and the spark of […]

Meet the Man Who Built His Own Power Plant

(uplifting music) – [Narrator] Most of rural Kenya doesn’t have access to electricity. This means the evenings are full of darkness. Here, families rely on kerosene lamps, which are expensive and produce harmful fumes. John Wangare wanted to change that. – My name is John Margiro Wangare. I am the found of Magiro Mini Hydroelectric. […]

Solar Panels for South Sudan

With modern technology we can turn the sun’s light into energy. We are Energiya Global, and, we build utility-scale solar fields. In Africa there are 600 million people without access to electricity. Many people use diesel generators, which are both expensive and polluting. In South Sudan, We are leading a campaign to build a new […]

Reimagining Hydroelectricity and its Impact on Watersheds | Natel Energy

My name is Gia Schneider, and I’m co-founder and CEO of Natel Energy. Something like 90% of the watersheds that supply major urban centers today are heavily degraded, and figuring out how we invest intelligently to build climate resilience into those watersheds is critical to the ability to maintain an earth that resembles the earth […]