ENGLISH ADDICT LATE – Lesson 13 – LIVE Chat – WEDNESDAY 4th DEC 2019 – Christmas Lights Switch On

so here we go this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for after days and days of preparation weeks weeks in fact we are now ready to turn on the outside Christmas lights are you ready mr. Steve I do are you ready I am ready I do i do what do I do […]

Brazil and California: Partners on Renewable Energy Grid Integration

PAUL GHIOTTO: [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] This is Paul Ghiotto from the U.S. Embassy Brasilia Brazil. I Have the pleasure today to begin our web chat with Angelina Galiteva of the California Independent Systems Operator Board as well as Renewables 100. This web chat is hopefully the first of a series of web chats with renewable energy […]

Solar System 360 Degree Tour!

Welcome to our Solar System, below you will find our Sun Our star is 2 octillion tons of hot hydrogen gas emitting 400 septillion joules of energy every second. The hottest part of the sun is its 15 million ºC core, where it’s been fusing hydrogen into helium for the past 4.6 billion years. Despite […]