General Electric – Should We Buy GE Stock? is GE Stock a Good Buy Today?

Hi I’m Jimmy in this video. We’re gonna look at General Electric and try to determine if we believe that GE stock is a good buy right now. So General Electric stock has had an interesting time in the past few years. This is a five year chart and as we could see it hasn’t […]

Actual ETF Fees – How to AVOID Getting Robbed by ETF Fees

hi I’m Jimmy in this video we’re gonna look at the fees of exchange-traded funds or ETFs for short now in this video we’re gonna try to go beyond the typical ETF fees that many investors look at and we’re going to look at some ETF fees that are often more overlooked and or more […]

Benefit from Disruption – Wind Power

Hi, my name is Amey Kulkarni and in this video series we look at companies that are undiscovered, under-valued and whose stock prices 2 years from now are not related to the current market sentiments. We live in an age of technological disruption. Online shopping has already replaced physical stores Electric cars are replacing petrol […]

🔴 Will Sunrun Keep Shining? (w/ Fahad Khalid)

JAKE MERL: Welcome to Trade Ideas. I’m Jake Merl, sitting down with Fahad Khalid, Chief Executive Officer of Jaguar Analytics. Great to have you back on the show. FAHAD KHALID: Thank you for having me. JAKE MERL: So, what are we looking at today? What’s your trade idea? FAHAD KHALID: So, we wanted to bring […]

Where to Invest in Today’s Market – 5 Companies to Beat the Stock Market

Hi I’m Jimmy and this video I’m walking through the five companies that I think could do well as the future of the stock market and the economy become more uncertain. So to pick these companies I’ve focused on companies that had a decent balance sheet and solid profit margins thanks at least to some […]

Solar: Outshining the Market (w/ Patrick Dunuwila) | Trade Ideas

JAKE MERL: Welcome to Trade Ideas. I’m Jake Merl, sitting down with Patrick Dunuwila of The Chart Report. Patrick, great to have you back on the show. PATRICK DUNUWILA: Thanks for having me. JAKE MERL: So, what are you looking at in the markets right now? Are you currently bullish or bearish? Because I remember […]