How Tesla Will Survive – Elon Musk’s Master Plan

Tesla didn’t invent the electric car. That actually happened back in 1891. Instead, it did something a lot more interesting: it made the electric car cool. When Tesla unveiled the Roadster back in 2006, it began a wave of change in the auto industry that still continues today, with virtually every major automaker now sporting […]

Solar Pioneer Free-Falling to Bankruptcy

Chris Hill: SunEdison bills itself as the largest global renewable energy development company, and it is getting smaller by the day. Shares down more than 60% this week. James, there’s a lot going on, and on top of all of that. the U.S. Justice Department came knocking on their door with a subpoena. James Early: […]

The Lesson of iQiYi Stock’s Dramatic Drop Isn’t What You’d Expect

David Gardner: My biggest loser of the last three years No. 3. This one, I have to say, the ticker symbol is fairly ironic, because the ticker symbol is IQ. You’d think, if I had a higher IQ, I never would have picked IQ when I did, but thereby hangs a tale. Let’s talk a […]

3 Stocks Near 52 Week Lows — Are They Buys?

Nick Sciple: Welcome to Industry Focus, the podcast that dives into a different sector of the stock market every day. Today is Thursday, November 1st. In the spirit of Halloween, we’re breaking down some energy and industrial stocks near their 52-week lows to decide whether they’re a trick or a treat for your portfolio. I’m […]

What New Legislation Means for the Solar Industry in the Next 10 Years

Sean O’Reilly: So, guys, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but solar’s got a little bit of a pop. Tyler Crowe: Something like that. Taylor Muckerman: A little bit. As hot as the surface of the sun, those stocks. O’Reilly: Congress gave them a Christmas season. Crowe: It’s the season of giving. O’Reilly: They extended […]

Interview with Tom Werner, CEO of SunPower (Part 2)

Travis Hoium: There are a lot of companies that compete in the space in different ways. How does some power differentiate itself from competitors? Tom Werner: Well, at our foundation, SunPower is a technology company; we’re Silicon Valley based. [A] Stanford professor founded us 30 years ago, we’re heavily influenced by semiconductors, Cypress Semiconductor. So, […]

1 Good Reason to Avoid Biotechs, Many Great Ones to Buy Roku Stock

Chris Hill: It’s Monday, January 7th. Welcome MarketFoolery! I’m Chris Hill. Joining me in studio today, Seth Jayson in the house. Seth Jayson: Terms and conditions apply to that, too. Hill: [laughs] I think that’s fair to say of any analyst who shows up. Definitely with you. We’re going to get to the Golden Globes. There’s some […]

Energy: Chevron Dives Into Shale While SolarCity Teams Up With Whole Foods *** INDUSTRY FOCUS ***

Sean O’Reilly: SolarCity and Whole Foods are teaming up. All that and more on this energy edition of Industry Focus. Greetings, Fools! Sean O’Reilly here at Fool headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. It is March 10th, 2016, and joining me via phone from the District of Columbia, because he just didn’t feel like gracing us with […]

Renewable Energy: The Royal Ruble of Investing *** INDUSTRY FOCUS ***

Sean O’Reilly: Wholesale power markets make Uber surge pricing look like a joke. All that and more on this energy and materials edition of Industry Focus. Greetings, Fools! Sean O’Reilly here in Alexandria, Virginia. It is April 7th, 2016, and we are here with Tyler Crowe and Taylor Muckerman. What is up, guys? Tyler Crowe: […]

Energy: The Ins and Outs of Commodity Dividends *** INDUSTRY FOCUS ***

Sean O’Reilly: We’re going shopping for energy and material’s dividends …on this energy edition of Industry Focus. Greetings Fools. I am Sean O’Reilly here in studio at Fool headquarters in Alexandria Virginia. It is Thursday, November 19 and this week is dividend week on Industry Focus. Tyler Crowe: Hey! O’Reilly: Yay! Taylor Muckerman: Hey! O’Reilly: […]