Ep. 1 – Electricity BASICS | Industry Fundamentals of Electronics & Electro-Hydraulics

Schroeder Industries presents… Industry Fundamentals of Electronics and Electro-Hydraulics: Electricity BASICS. This e-learning is intended to provide a basic level of knowledge and terms that apply to electronics and electro-hydraulics. Electricity is the most versatile energy source that we have. But, it is also one of the newest: homes and businesses have been using it […]

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ Overview

At Schneider Electric, the heart of our IoT system architecture is the EcoStruxure Platform. Connecting everything in your enterprise, from the shop floor to the top floor… Collecting critical data, from sensors to the cloud. Analyzing data to discover meaningful insights. Enabling you to take action by closing the loop through real-time information and business […]

IoT & EcoStruxure: Data Center Solutions for Mainfreight | Schneider Electric

New Zealand, being a small country at the bottom of the world, we’re highly reliant on the import and export of goods. Without the ability to move freight in and out of the country, the economy would suffer. My name is David Hall, I’m the Group IT Infrastructure Manager for Mainfreight. The decisions we make […]

IoT & EcoStruxure Plant: Energy Efficient Water Treatment Plants | Schneider Electric

[MUSIC PLAYING] With the challenges of population growth, climate change, and increasing scrutiny from customers and regulators, factors like safety, reliability, and sustainability are vital for most industries. Water and wastewater is no exception. Thankfully, while the challenges have grown, technology is enabling better and smarter solutions. EcoStruxure Plant is an IoT-enabled, open and interoperable […]

Wellcome Sanger Institute uses EcoStruxure IT Expert to Drive Energy Efficiency | Schneider Electric

I’m Simon Binley, I’m the data centre manager at the Wellcome Sanger Institute The Institute supports large-scale projects that use genomic data to advance the understanding of human DNA Our data has enabled improved outcomes in the treatment of conditions affecting a huge number of people around the world. Computing has always been central to […]

IoT EcoStruxure: High-Performance Smart Machines for SOMIC | Schneider Electric

My father has always been very enthusiastic about technology. He also had the gift of anticipating the future. My name is Patrick Bonetsmüller and I am CEO of the SOMIC Group. SOMIC manufactures machines that pack prepackaged products into cartons. Most of our customers are manufacturers in the food industry, pet food, as well as […]

Life Is On Everywhere, For Everyone, At Every Moment | Schneider Electric

The world is full of people … … telling you who to believe they are. Well, we thought we’d tell you who we’re not. Let’s start here: We’re not in shipping. We don’t make lifts. Seriously. No lifts. We do this. We’re good at this. And we make all of these. And even though you’ll […]

IoT EcoStruxure™: Energy Efficiency for T-Mobile Arena | Schneider Electric

The building is special because we can do a whole lot of events and a whole lot of different experiences. That alone is going to just change the image of Las Vegas. My name is Raul Gutierrez, I work for MGM Resorts International. My title here is executive director of arena operations. I’m Marc Faber, […]

Local researchers develop ways to generate electricity using drops of water

Korean scientists have developed a new way of generating electricity using a few drops of water. The new method, when commercialized, would be able to supply energy to wearable gadgets and IoT products. Cho Sung-min reports. The propeller here is spinning without the help of any energy source. What enables these plastic blades to rotate […]