A green battery for home use in rural Africa

More than a billion people live out of the grid and spend up to 30% of their incomes for light and phone charging. Mainly in developing countries and sub-saharan Africa. We developed a consumable-based iron battery that uses iron, paper and iron salt, and that can generate enough power to charge a phone and light […]

Generating Electricity with Vinegar | Experiment – 11 | Prakhar Trikha | Viral Video

Hi Guys Today I’ve came up with a really interesting experiment and I’m super excited about it. Its very cool I’ll generate eletricity in it. In this experiment we will generate electricity by using Vinegar Ice Tray Copper Wire Led Bulb (Indicator ) and Iron nails So first we’ll take this copper wire and peel […]

What Would Life Be Like Without Metals?

A world without metal – “Good! That’s not music, anyway!” Calm down, boomers, I’m talking about the elements. You know, copper, silver, lead, iron, and whatnot. What if they all just disappeared overnight? As if some has meddled with our metal. “So, no more spoons and coins? Big deal!” you say. Not so fast! You […]

Neutron Stars – The Most Extreme Things that are not Black Holes

Neutron stars are one of the most extreme and violent things in the universe. Giant atomic nuclei, only a few kilometers in diameter, but as massive as stars. And they owe their existence to the death of something majestic. [Intro music] Stars exist because of a fragile balance. The mass of millions of billions of […]

Where does gold come from? – David Lunney

In medieval times, alchemists tried to achieve the seemingly impossible. They wanted to transform lowly lead into gleaming gold. History portrays these people as aged eccentrics, but if only they’d known that their dreams were actually achievable. Indeed, today we can manufacture gold on Earth thanks to modern inventions that those medieval alchemists missed by […]

How Close Are We to Mining in Space?

Some say humanity’s future as a space-faring species is just around the corner. But realistically, how are we going to get there? The answer is asteroids. These seemingly unimpressive lumps of rock could actually be the intergalactic pit stops for exploring the universe. They have the potential to become cosmic gas stations and the building […]