Does Evolution Have a Point? 12 Days of Evolution #12

[MUSIC] [BIRD CHIRP] In 1938, scientists found a very weird fish swimming off the coast of S. Africa. They were surprised to see it, because the last time anyone had was in a 66 million year old fossil. The coelacanth has been called a “living fossil”, but that’s a really dumb name, because it’s very […]

Can Evolution Make an Eye? – 12 Days of Evolution #4

[MUSIC] [BIRD CHIRP] Your eyes are beautiful. They’re amazing bits of biological engineering. Just like a camera, remove one of their intricate parts, and the eye can’t do its job. For this reason, many people think eyes couldn’t possibly arise from a blind process like natural selection. But that idea doesn’t hold vitreous fluid. Light-sensitive […]

Apollo’s Most Important Discovery (Inside NASA’s Moon Rock Vault!)

Hey smart people, Joe here. This is our planet. And this is the moon. And this is how far apart they ACTUALLY are, to scale. You might not know this, but compared to other moons in our solar system, our moon is weird. It’s 1/80th of Earth’s mass, which may not sound like a lot, […]

Why Only 9 Countries Have Nuclear Weapons (feat. It’s OK to be Smart!)

(light music) – Nuclear weapons, they’re a lot like Pirates of the Caribbean movies. There’s way to many of ’em, we certainly don’t need any more, and if you actually think about what goes into making them, they’re pretty scary. I mean come on, Johnny Depp, I mean the first one was cool, but after […]

What Color Is The Moon?

[MUSIC] What color is the moon? I asked you all this question and got some very interesting answers. Silver like aluminum white, like the color of clouds Chalky, like ash silver, kind of like an old coin gray like pavement silver like your mother’s hair milky chalk gray like a used eraser white, like a […]

Why Seasons Make No Sense

[INTRO MUSIC] Every year on February 2nd, the people of Punxsutawney, PA dress up like it’s 1886, pull a groundhog named Phil out of a box and ask him when winter will end. Not surprisingly, meteorologically-inclined marmots are not reliable predictors of spring. [INTRO MUSIC] But why divide the year into seasons in the first […]

How An Igloo Keeps You Warm

[MUSIC] For thousands of years, humans, and plants and animals long before that, have been using frozen “sky water” to keep warm. Which sort of doesn’t make sense. Because snow is cool. You might even say it’s… ice cold. YEEAAHHHHH! No one knows for sure who built the first igloo, but with the right fit […]

How the Pyramids Were Built (Pyramid Science Part 2!)

This episode is supported by Skillshare. Hey smart people, so a few weeks ago we made a video about the pyramids, and how, while they are pretty heckin’ impressive, we can trace the evolution of their construction and see the ancient Egyptians using trial and error, and even making a few mistakes, which basically tells […]

Your Climate Change Conscience – feat. Al Gore

[PBS Bumper] [Intro] You know what’s fun? Puppies. Waterslides. Puppies on waterslides. You know what isn’t fun? Thinking about the climate change induced end of the world. And being told it’s your fault. And that the problem is so massive it’ll take all of humanity working together to avoid the collapse of basically everything we […]

So You Want to go to Mars?

[MUSIC] [MUSIC] Congratulations! Your application to be among the next generation of astronauts has been accepted! You’ve proven to have the right stuff. As a member of the newest astronaut class, you’re going to take trips farther and longer than any astronaut before you. An asteroid. Maybe even Mars, which means you could be up […]