Designing Solutions for an Engineering Marvel

[music] Don Jones: There’s no end to need for engineering people here. From small jobs to big jobs—overhauling the third power house to designing a new shaft for a motor, sizing cranes, designing containment for blast walls between transformers. Whole spectrum… tons of stuff going on in this facility. [music] Every job is extremely specific […]

Alternative Energy Plant and System Technicians Career Video

The development of alternative energy production relies on a backbone of technicians to operate energy generation systems and equipment. Alternative energy plant and system technicians operate machinery such as valves, pumps, and generators to produce energy. They monitor gauges and meters to ensure safe, efficient production, and adjust equipment as needed. They also inspect equipment, […]

Supplying a Hydropower Workhorse

[music] Fred Jordan On Phone: Hey Dan, Fred Jordan here returning your call. Fred Jordan: Our mission here at Reclamation is to get the part or the service at the right price at the right time. I consider myself a project/contract specialist/purchasing/overall salesman in order to get it all done. And you have to take […]

Power Plant Operators, Distributors, and Dispatchers Career Video

From individual home furnaces to the bright lights of the big city… keeping homes and businesses powered-up takes round-the-clock operations at power plants. Whether from coal, gas, nuclear energy, wind, or solar sources… power plant operators, distributors, and dispatchers control the systems that provide electric power. Nuclear power reactor operators control nuclear reactors. They monitor […]

Forging a Hydroelectric Future

[music] Dorothy Harris: Machining, welding, pipefitting, cleaning, oiling. A hydromechanic is everything but electrical. We balance. We rotate. We take apart. We put together. And that’s just the beginning. [music] In the United States Navy, I spent 16 years as an aviation metal smith. Heavy structures was my specialty. I got out, wandered the globe, […]

Knowledge is superior: increasing solar power

my grandfather was a lecturer in a private school in China in his philosophy knowledge is the best thing than everything else which is now in my mind ever since when I was young I saw this TV commercial from uni level how the product of uni level impact on people’s daily life this somehow […]