S. Korea to address pollution in agriculture with EVs, self-driving machines

a group of experts gathered in Seoul to try and deal with issues in agriculture taking into consideration environmental factors and aging society the focus was on ways to support the use of electric equipment and self-driving machines chair jong-un has the highlights rather from that session farming accounts for roughly 5 percent of South […]

Hyundai ranked 9th, Kia ranked 11th in global electric vehicle sales last year

and AG I enjoyed successful global electronic electric vehicles rather sales last year according to inside V’s global sales of the Korean auto giants ranked ninth and eleventh respectively last year together they ranked sixth in the global market outperforming Germany’s Volkswagen Tesla topped the list and China’s BYD was runner-up overall global sales of […]

Air pollution causes 40,000 premature deaths in S. Korea each year: Greenpeace

A new Greenpeace report shows air pollution from burning fossil fuels is responsible for more than 4 million premature deaths around the world each year,… incurring an annual global economic cost of nearly 3 trillion U.S. dollars. The report also warns that air pollution is especially detrimental for children in low-income countries. Kim Hyo-sun tells […]

Ultrafine dust in Seoul, Beijing associated with emissions, coal

fine dust pollution is an environmental headache for us here in Korea and a new study looked at fine dust components in soda and Beijing to find that most emissions come from cars and coal burning power plants our park se-young tells us more ammonium nitrate ammonium sulfate earth crustal material and organic matter are […]

G7 leaders vow to end era of fossil fuels G7, ″금세기에 화석연료 사용 끝내자″…北

And for the top international headlines… we connect now to Paul Yi at the News Center. Paul, let′s start with the G7 summit. Well following their meeting in Germany, the leaders of the most powerful countries have agreed that the world should end its reliance on fossil fuels for energy within this century. That′s a […]

EU unveils one trillion euro investment plan to make Europe first carbon-neutral continent

the european union has unveiled a massive investment plan to make europe the climate neutral Content ID to year 2050 the European Commission said Tuesday that it’s one trillion euro were 1.1 trillion u.s. dollar plan will make the EU s economy more environmentally friendly and tackle climate issues over the next 10 years the […]

Fossil fuels should be phased out by 2100 to avoid catastrophe: IPCC IPCC, &qu

Time now for a look through the global headlines we′re following this Monday morning. For that, we′ll turn to Eunice Kim, standing by at the NewsCenter. Good morning, Eunice. Good morning, Mark. The use of fossil fuels… must be phased out by the end of the century… if the world is to avoid the catastrophic […]

Local researchers develop ways to generate electricity using drops of water

Korean scientists have developed a new way of generating electricity using a few drops of water. The new method, when commercialized, would be able to supply energy to wearable gadgets and IoT products. Cho Sung-min reports. The propeller here is spinning without the help of any energy source. What enables these plastic blades to rotate […]

Gov’t to invest US$ 51 bil. through public institutions in 2020, mostly on building, energy sectors

the South Korean government will invest more money through public institutions this year in order to support jobs and keep the economy rolling at a meeting with relevant ministries today Finance Minister hounam ji said the institutions will invest nearly 51 billion US dollars this year mostly on social overhead capital and the energy sector […]

Researchers come up with way to produce electricity from flowing water

When you think of green energy, solar or wind power springs to mind –but generating electricity from rain drops that fall against a window or roof? That’s one method local researchers have come up with, and they say that’s just the beginning of the technology’s potential. Sohn Jung-in explains. A piece of glass substrate is […]