Korea’s oldest nuclear reactor closed down after 40 years in operation

South Korea’s oldest nuclear reactor has been shut down permanently after four decades in operation. The full dismantling of the reactor is expected to take at least 15 years. Kim Hyo-sun reports. After 40 years of non-stop operation,… Korea’s oldest nuclear reactor was powered down on Sunday. The Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation says […]

Iran finds new oilfield with 53 billion barrels of crude: Rouhani

Iran has discovered a new oil field in the southwest of the country which apparently has the potential to boost its reserves by about a third now whether he can develop a site or sell it remains an entirely different question though and tis the season to be jolly Santa Claus is back in business […]

Iran begins process of fueling centrifuges at Fordow

Iran continues to distance itself from the 2015 nuclear deal this time by stepping up activity at its underground of Fordo nuclear plants the spokesman for the atomic energy organization of Iran told state TV on Wednesday that the agency delivered 2,000 kilograms of uranium to the plant emphasizing it was all conducted under the […]

Inspectors find 41 cracks in the grounds of Fukushima nuclear plant: local media

dozens of cracks have been found in facilities built to contain radiation at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant tokyo-based your young Eurasian one reported Sunday that’s 41 cracks were found in the plants concrete floor it says Tokyo Electric Power Company appears to have neglected their facilities with inspectors having discovered weeds growing through the concrete […]

41 cracks found in facilities built to contain radiation at Fukushima plant: Report

now dozens of cracks have been discovered in facilities built to contain radiation in Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant while the Japanese government says it’s safe problems are continuing to sprout up in the area leaving many concerned about the ongoing threat of contamination re MJ has more this is the Fukushima nuclear power plant that […]

Korea’s Wolsong nuclear reactor shut after technical issue

Korea’s Wolsong No. 1 nuclear power reactor was automatically shut down Wednesday night after experiencing a technical problem. According to an official at Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power on Thursday, there has been no radiation leak and the power generating station is stable. He added that they’re currently looking into the problem. The Wolsong reactor […]

S. Korea, U.S. hold first high level commission meeting on nuclear energy

South Korea and the United States are holding the first general meeting of their high-level committee on nuclear energy in Seoul today,… a follow-up to the Seoul-Washington nuclear energy accord reached last year. Prior to the inaugural session of the High Level Bilateral Commission,… the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall and Seoul’s Foreign […]

Japan not making best efforts to resolve nuclear waste water issue: expert

because there’s a rising over Japan’s plan to dump vast amount of nuclear waste water into the Pacific Ocean especially as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics draw near Japan said that it’s reviewing various ways to safely discharge for radioactive water but one nuclear specialist says that the Japanese government has made bad decisions to cost […]

South Korean president visits Hanwha Q CELLS for role in quality job creation

President Moon Jae-in visited a local manufacturer of solar panels on this Thursday. Hanwha Q CELLS… an affiliate of one of South Korea’s biggest conglomerates, the Hanwha Group… welcomed the president as he vowed to provide extra support for those hit by U.S. safeguard measures. Our chief Blue House correspondent Moon Connyoung reports. South Korean […]

Iran cancels accreditation of IAEA nuclear inspector

Iran has canceled the accreditation of an international nuclear inspector he was recently prevented from entering a nuclear facility there this is quite a big deal for more on this and other news from around the world let’s turn to our Kim Dommy Dommy this incident like I say is a big deal because it’s […]