Top 10 worst neighborhoods in Los Angeles. #1 is scary dangerous.

What is going on everybody welcome back. It’s time for another list and a much requested list of that in past videos I’ve talked about being from Southern California and how I relocated to Portland Oregon over the last year or so I’ve done almost nothing on the city I was born and raised a […]

Ewan McGregor Rode from South America to LA on an Electric Motorcycle

-Last time you were here, we talked about your motorcycle trips… -Yeah. -…which I love because I wish I could do that. -We could do it. -I don’t think so. -Yeah. -You’ve never seen me… No. But, I mean, you actually drive an awesome motorcycle. I’ve watched specials that you’ve done. -Right. -Do you have […]

Have you ever seen an atom?

Have you ever seen at atom? Seeing as everything is made of them, you have. But have you ever seen one on its own? Over time, microscopes have become more and more powerful, allowing us to see deeper into the world of the ultra-small. Traditional light microscopes can be used to see things like these […]

How To Approach Strangers (5 EASY STEPS)

People where I live or not friendly, I don’t have to approach them. Hi, I’m Johnny from the art of charm what I like to speak to you today is a commonly held thought the lots of people have upon approaching new people for the first time. The belief is that people in my town […]

Why Are 96,000,000 Black Balls on This Reservoir?

these are shade balls they’re being dumped into this water reservoir in Los Angeles and contrary to what you may have heard their main purpose is not to reduce evaporation so what are they really for? To find out I am visiting the largest collection of these balls anywhere on Earth at L.A. reservoir 96 […]

Discovery Channel – Large Asteroid Impact Simulation

An asteroid with a diameter of 500 km. Destination: The Pacific Ocean. The impact peels the 10 km crust off the surface. The shockwave travels at hypersonic speeds. Debris is blasted across into low Earth orbit, and returns to destroy the surface of the Earth. The firestorm encircles the Earth, vaporizing all life in its […]