Oldest Material Ever Found on Earth Discovered Inside a Meteorite That Hit Australia

A meteorite that crashed into rural southeastern Australia in a fireball in 1969 contained the oldest material ever found on Earth, stardust that predated the formation of our solar system by billions of years, scientists said on Monday. The oldest of 40 tiny dust grains trapped inside the meteorite fragments retrieved around the town of […]

Parkland Dad Blasts Ron Howard over Anti-Trump Tweet

The father of a victim of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting put moviemaker Ron Howard in his place after Howard trashed President Donald Trump on Twitter. “In the entertainment industry many who have known/worked w/ Trump think that while his reality show was fun and ran a long time, he’s a self-serving, dishonest, morally bankrupt […]

Obama’s $1Billion Solar Boondoggle Obsolete Before It Even Went Online, Hits Taxpayers With 700M

Barack Obama and his many bad decisions are still costing American taxpayers big bucks. In a stunning report from Bloomberg, taxpayers are on the hook for $737 million from a failed solar plant in Nevada. The plant was plagued by mismanagement but the biggest issue was the technology was obsolete before the plant even went […]

Cryptid Paranormal and UFO News. BIG CATS, Alien worlds and Area 51

It’s time for another news video. I have found three stories that cover cryptozoology, ufology, and how I could make another news video without including the outcome of the notorious Naruto run on area 51. First up is subject that I have looked at in a few dedicated video. Mystery cats. The sighting of large […]


The three stories I have you this week are the cryptid Mothman spotted at the site of another major disaster The claims that the FBI collected and tested evidence of Bigfoot And the third and final story looks at the recent comments made by the American commander and chief regarding alien contact So let’s start […]

The United States is lifting its sanctions on Iran’s Faro nuclear plant International news

যুক্তরাষ্ট্র ইরানের ফরদু পরমাণু ক্রেন্দ্রের ওপর থেকে নিসেধাজ্ঞা তুলে নিচ্ছে International news

Govt. sets target to triple Nuclear Power Generation by 2024

Welcome to WARN, Today’s News is Govt. sets target to triple Nuclear Power Generation by 2024 Nuclear power generation capacity in the country is expected to reach nearly 15,000 MW by 2024 as the government has expedited the process of setting up new plants, Lok Sabha was informed today. In 2014, India’s nuclear power generation […]

WNH#8:Reliance Defence, fake currency, Hydro Power Projects, Guardian Series, military choppers

Welcome to WARN, Today World News Headlines Are. Reliance Defence signs pack to service and maintain 50-70 warships of US Navy’s 7th fleet Months after India and US signed a key logistics pact, Reliance Defence and Engineering today announced an agreement with the American Navy for repair and alteration services for warships of the largest […]

In Ratnagiri’s Jaitapur, Fishermen Vehemently Opposed to Nuclear Power Plant #LokSabhaElections2019

A major issue in this region, the one against which you are protesting, that is regarding the nuclear power plant of Jaitapur. All the fishermen are protesting against it. Our livelihood is based on fishery. So, will it harm it? Yes, the yield would be less. The reason being? The hot water from it… is […]

China is stealing solar panel jobs from American workers – Will

China is stealing solar panel jobs from American workers � Will Trump send a tough trade message? All along the campaign trail, then-candidate Donald Trump emphasized how China has been aggressively manipulating its own currency in order to shadily gain an upper hand economically. And now the communist regime has been exposed for colluding to […]