How to print the perovskite solar cells

So, now we try to make a small solar cell of the blank, is plastic coated with a transparent conductive layer And now we make a layer of photo-cell which directly generates electricity Now I set this element our dispenser which is made of a special solution deposite a layer of solar cell it is […]

60MPH 3D Printed Eco Car

00:09 COMM: Using newly developed large scale 3D printing technology this vehicle is a part of an ambitious project to produce a car and building that can run on sustainable energy and even provide power to each other. 00:22 PHIL ENQUIST: We didn’t want to think conventionally, we wanted to try to follow the clues […]

China builds Solar Highway with transparent concrete over solar panels

China is building the world’s first photovoltaic highway in Jinan The 2-km-long photovoltaic expressway is scheduled to open for public traffic by this year. This solar-powered highway consists of three layers: a protective surface layer made of transparent concrete, a middle layer of solar-powered batteries to generate electricity, and an insulation layer to prevent dampness […]

Layers Of Atmosphere | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids

Hey Everyone! guess where I am? Well, don’t think so hard. I am in space. Do you see that blue ball? Well, that’s where you are. That’s the Earth. But hey, what are these? They are the layers of Atmosphere. So let’s learn about the layers of atmosphere today! Zooom in. This is the Troposphere. […]