Shipping Container Home Designed For Sustainable Family Living

One of the things that I really love about Shipping container homes is the way that they can be scaled to meet the needs of those who are living within them That is exactly the case with this small container home Which has been constructed from for shipping containers and designed to house ten people […]

This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

Designing and building a tiny house on wheels as a couple can be a real challenge There’s a lot of cooperation and compromise that goes into creating a space that can work Well for both parties today we’ve traveled to the Blue Mountains to visit a tiny house built by a couple who thanks to […]

Army Truck Transformed Into Amazing Off-Grid Tiny House | Tiny House Interiors

Army Truck Transformed Into Amazing Off-Grid Tiny House – Meet Tom and Sophie, they converted an army truck into their 72 sq. ft. off-grid tiny home

Amazing Beautiful Weet Teardrop Trailers For Adventurers Run on Solar Power | Tiny House Interiors

Amazing Beautiful Weet Teardrop Trailers For Adventurers Run on Solar Power The innovative design for the teardrop trailer came to fruition thanks to a friend of Evolve’s owner, Mike.

TEENAGER Builds OFF-GRID TINY HOUSE (80% Recycled Material)

When I was in my teens I really liked being outside a lot and I spent a lot of time in my summers like sleeping in a tent in the backyard and I really liked just being as close to the outdoors as I could. So in my late teens I decided to build a […]

Tiny House Solar Panel Install

Bryce: Tiny Homes are a perfect match for solar energy. B: Because they are mobile structures, B: it actually makes a lot of sense for them to not require grid connection. B: Also, the fact that they’re downsized means that their energy requirements B: can easily be met by an affordable solar solution. B: Today […]

School Bus Conversion Feels like a Cozy Cabin

Hi guys, my name’s Laura and I’m Ian and this is our bus. We were travelling in a 1985 Honda Civic wagon. I did a lot of camping when I was younger and I always enjoyed camping so it was fun to kind of get back to that. I like to go around see new […]

Amazing Off-The-Grid Tiny House Has Absolutely Everything!

So many of us dream of quitting our jobs in the city going off the grid and escaping to a beautiful country property The couple that we’re about to meet have done exactly that and with a lot of style let’s go check out their place G’day Paul! Hi Bryce. Nice to meet you. Hey […]


Hi, my name is Vilson, and welcome to Olive Garden Paljka. A matrix project of self-sustained house, living, and tourism. All the modern things with traditional elements. When I was 20, 20 and something, I saw the one stone housing in the newspapers and I cut it and I put it in my wallet and […]