Solar Movie – Solar House Facing the Wrong Way

In the mid 1990s it was still hard to get people to understand what solar design was all about. There was some consciousness about the greenhouse effect and growing concern. In this episode of ‘Your Place or Mine’ it highlights the benefits and the approach to solar design, and how it can solve, or start […]

Solar Movie – Energy Efficient House

Back in 2003 we made a solar movie and it was about a climate sensible design or a solar house design anywhere in the world and the reason we made that was because we felt that people needed to understand better about the principles and what went into the design of a solar house and […]

Solar Movies – Solar Energy Facts

Solar movies are the latest thing on the internet and recent pop culture. The only solar movie that really counts is a movie about solar energy. I’m Garry Baverstock, Director of Wise Earth, that owns and operates A few years ago we made a solar movie called ‘Climate Sensible Designs’ And showed how to […]