Wisconsin Foam Products adds solar, geothermal and more!

This inventory will probably be gone in a month or so, and some of it goes much quicker than that. We shape the product from raw product form. We make foam hands, #1 fingers that you wave at a football game. There’s an average of like 92 lbs. of foam in a car so there’s […]

Shared Solar Wiring Underway — One Minute Update

Today they’re working on the transformer changeout. They pick the old transformer out, put it on the truck, got the new transformer unit set down, it’s a very cool process. The existing transformer just didn’t have the capacity to handle the generation from the new solar array. The power is generated and transported around the […]

Shared Solar: Ready for Takeoff

Airplanes aren’t the only things ready for takeoff here. The next phase of Shared Solar is being built at Middleton Airport. Oh, it feels very exciting. Extremely important. And I think it’ll have a big impact. MGE is expanding its popular Shared Solar program, building a new community solar system so even more customers can […]

Shared Solar Unveiled in Middleton

Today is a sunny day in Middleton [laughter]. We live on the East Side of Madison. We’ve driven by here twice already just to see it. And it is, just driving by and seeing this, it’s huge! I bought two shares and we’re really energized about the partnership with MGE. It’s kind of like being […]