Meet the industrials – MSc EMINE – European Master in Nuclear Energy

The MSc EMINE programme teaches tomorrow’s nuclear engineers how to address the key technical, social and environmental challenges faced by the nuclear industry today and in the future. With courses given by industry experts, on-site work practice, and field visits, MSc EMINE also gives students unrivalled opportunities to engage directly with major industrial players and […]

Nature Boy Says This Life Isn’t For Everyone🤔

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What Just Happened Nature Boy

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MSc. Solar Energy Engineering

First of all you always have to look up: where are the future topics which are interesting? And renewables definitely! This will change the world but we have to understand that we have to deliver or develop the technology for that and that’s our course about. The special thing about Freiburg is that it’s a […]

Begging For Money Is His Hustle-Carbonnation tv 🤔

good morning little bluebirds bluebirds good morning little bluebirds how are you hold on guys I’m about to get into the chat now just give me a second give me a second so I can see who’s up in here just give me a semi a semi a second hi bluebirds hey tabatha hey Tay […]