From Shells to Solar Cells

[MUSIC PLAYING] I really appreciate beautiful structures that organisms make that become shells, but what about a semiconductor? What about a battery? What about something that’s more useful to me? My name’s Angela Belcher and I’m a professor of biological engineering, material science engineering, and the Cancer Institute at MIT. The focus of my work […]

The Extreme Physics Pushing Moore’s Law to the Next Level

We’re suiting up to take you inside a clean room that’s building an engineering marvel that’ll push the entire electronics industry to the next frontier. They’re both amazing machines and scary machines. There’s an enormous amount of complexity with them. There’s an enormous number of things that can potentially go wrong. It’s something that you don’t […]

Art Inspired Solar Cells

The solar industry is very, very focused on improving efficiency and reducing the cost. Our attempt here with this research is to propose a new way of looking at these structures and saying, well, you can use existing materials and nothing really needs to change very much. You just shape them in different ways that […]

Carbon Nanotubes Might Be the Secret Boost Solar Energy Has Been Looking For

Solar panels are an incredible innovation in energy tech, but they’re way less efficient than they could be, because they have a problem: heat. Specifically, waste heat, or energy that’s lost while converting the sun’s energy into electricity. But a new technology—made possible by carbon nanotubes—may be just the thing that brings solar panels into […]

Solar Power in the Dark – Avner Rothschild Technion

the solar cells we have today they generate electricity while the sun is shining you will not have energy at nighttime or when there are clouds so you need to find a way to store some of the solar energy for use on demand the technology we develop does exactly that by structuring ultra-thin iron […]