But how does bitcoin actually work?

What does it mean to have a bitcoin? Many people have now heard of bitcoin, that’s it’s a fully digital currency, with no government to issue it and no banks needed to manage accounts and verify transactions. That no one actually knows who invented it. Yet many people don’t know the answer to this question, […]

AP* Physics 1 Exam – Part 3: Electricity & Waves | RiceX on edX | Course About Video

1. Class 12th Physics | Current Electricity | Electric Current | by Ashish Arora

dear students lets start with the topic of electric current. and, in your early classes you might have studied about the basic definition of current in which, we write that. rate of flow of charge. through. any cross section. of a conductor. in which current is flowing obviously we are talking about. is called. electric […]

12. Class 12 Physics | Current Electricity | Circuit Symbol of a Resistance & Equations of Ohm’s Law

let us discuss about circuit symbol of resistance and equation of ohms law. i hope all of you aware about that in. electrical circuit, resistance is represented by a zigzag line. say if there are 2 terminals ay and b. across which resistance r is connected. and say if, at terminal ay potential is v-a […]

Live Science: Static Electricity

My name is Dave and welcome to the Science Museum of Virginia. Electricity is the energy created by moving negative charges or negative ions. Over here I have a Van de Graaff generator, so let’s see what happens when negative gets near a positive. Ah what do you see? We’re experiencing a discharge of static […]

4. Class 12th Physics | Current Electricity | Example-1 on Current Electricity | Ashish Arora

in this example we are given that in a long wire of round cross section of radius r. current density varies with the radial distance from axis of wire x as j is equal to c x square. and we are required to find the total, current flowing in the wire. it is also given […]

5. Class 12th Physics | Current Electricity | Solved Example-2 on Current Electricity | Ashish Arora

in this example we are given that in a long wire of square cross section of side length l. current density varies with distance from one edge of cross section as j is equal to ay e to power b-x amp-ere per meter square. where ay and b are positive constant and we are required […]

Slower Than a Turtle – The Speed of Electricity

Hello I’m Daven Hiskey and you are watching the Today I Found Out Youtube channel. In the video today we’re looking at the surprisingly slow speed of electricity. Let’s get started. You may be surprised to learn that electrons flow through a typical copper wire much slower than a turtle walks. Each wire that conducts […]

6. Class 12th Physics | Current Electricity | Drift Velocity of Free Electrons

let us study about drift velocity of free electrons. we have discussed that in the situation of conductor when, a battery is connected across it. and, the circuit is closed. You can just have a look on the situation i am drawing here. this a battery which is connected across cylindrical conductors wire switch. as […]