Best Waterproof Solar Power Bank – A MUST for Survival Kits!

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Wool Dryer Balls Review – DO THEY WORK? (Best Laundry Hacks!)

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Best Remote Control Helicopter, Unbreakable RC Helicopter ► The Deal Guy

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How To Jump Start A Car With A Mobile Power Bank Charger ► The Deal Guy

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LED Lamp + Pen Cup Holder UNDER $9!

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Best Portable Air Conditioner Deals for Summer 2017!

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🔋 Solar Powered Phone Charger For Android, iPhone 7 ◄ DROP TEST

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Solar Hand Crank Phone charger ◄ AN EMERGENCY MUST HAVE!

– Today, a five-in-one emergency solar device that can save your life under 20 bucks. (lighthearted jingle) Yes! It’s got the hand crank, it’s got the emergency lights, the emergency radio, the NOAA band. It’s got a decent speaker on it, it’ll charge your smartphone. And I just found this for its lowest recorded price. […]