Streamer Reacts to $100 MILLION houses with Chat!

forty million dollar ousted pocket mid-weight now I’ve seen the first one before hell yeah dude fuck it how many bathrooms in the house 21 21 how many bedrooms twelve twelve thirty eight thousand square feet one helicopter helicopter comes with it yep got it yeah what the hell is that dude okay he’s gonna […]

Top 10 Facts – 2016

*sigh* I guess I have to talk about this? I mean, I’m not even from the US and I am glad the election is over. But it was a big part of 2016 so let’s just get it over with. And just in case I sound a bit strange in this video it’s because I […]

David Spade – Embracing His Vibe on Lights Out with David Spade | The Daily Show

It’s me and you, buddy. We’re back together again. This is, uh– Back together again. I mean, although, last time we were back together, I was watching you on TV as a kid in South Africa. -Oh, is that right? -Yeah. No, genuinely. I was, like– My mom was, like, easily, one of your biggest […]