Mercedes-Benz E-Class Prototype 2020 | First Test Drive

Welcome! We are here in the desert near Las Vegas, Nevada. I am “Mister Dreikommanull” of “fünfkommasechs” and we have a guest here whom some viewers may already know. Thank you very much for being with us, Mr Kelz. With pleasure! Chief Engineer for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, among other things. Among other things, yes! And […]

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ: Electric Intelligence | SXSW 2018

I love the silence of it. A car is a very, very emotional product. I can’t wait. Experiencing something which is not on the market yet… It’s a different world. It doesn’t feel like driving is the right word for it. Seamless. Efficient. Beautiful. It’s just so clean. It’s like minimal. It’s like Macintosh. Has […]

Mercedes-Benz EQ: Enjoy Electric

As the inventor of the automobile, we have once again revolutionized mobility and created a whole new ecosystem for Mercedes-Benz EQ. With the EQC optimized navigation, we have succeeded in making mobility as easy as ever. The Mercedes-Benz EQC finds a fast route with short charging times and few charging stops. By integrating vehicle data […]

Enjoy electric. With the All-New EQC

Wow. You drive electric? Hey Mercedes, play “Blinding Lights”.

Mercedes-Benz EQ | Visions of Electric Mobility by Thomas Webb

My name is Thomas Webb and I’m a digital artist. I see the world in code and think in computational logic. So when Mercedes-Benz challenged me to create an artwork about the EQC, my first thought was, “How can I show people with no programming knowledge how I see the future of electric mobility?” While […]

Mercedes-Benz EQC (2019): Electric-Mobility Services | Explained by Felix Smith

I must admit that, at first, I was kind of struggling with the idea of going completely electric. Where would I charge my car? What if the battery runs out of energy in the middle of the road? These were some of the questions I was uncertain about. But the Mercedes-Benz EQC actually comes with […]

Enjoy electric. With the all-new EQC x The Weeknd “Blinding Lights”

Look… The Weeknd! Wow… you drive electric? Run, my son… run. Cut! What do you mean? I drive a Mercedes.