10 Favorite Scooters and Mopeds for 2019 | Electric and Gas

– [Glen] The new mopeds and scooters this year are moving increasingly toward being all-electric. While most are electric, we were still able to find a couple of gas-powered ones to include in this list. They also have many assorted sizes, engines, and batteries, and we even found a folding moped to include. I’m Glen […]

15 Innovative Electric Vehicles | Are Electric Vehicles The Future?

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10 Electric Vehicles 2019 | Electric Superbike | EVs | Personal Transportation

– [Glen] 2019 could be the year that electric vehicles take over the streets. With new developments in not just aesthetic features like comfort and design, but huge advancements in range and power, the vehicles on the market today are on another level. I’m Glen, and today, we’re bringing you the top 10 electric vehicles […]

15 Impressive E-Bikes and New Electric Motorbikes 2019

– [Glen] Remember when you had to peddle your bike uphill? Both on the way to your destination and then on your way home too? Well life has gotten a lot easier since those days. Now there are many options for electric bikes and motor bikes that get you there with hardly any peddling at […]

20 Camping Gear Essentials 2019 | Camping Gadgets and Innovations

– [Glen] What are the things you need for camping? Have you thought about the trivial things like charging your cellphone, zapping those pesky bugs that like to take a bite out of you. Well, we have. So we’re doing some of the work for you. I’m Glen and today we’re bringing you 20 interesting […]

10 Solar Powered Campers and Eco Friendly Travel Trailers

(upbeat music) – [Reacher] Long gone are the days when advancements in solar technology meant not having to buy batteries for your calculator ever again. Now that we have the ability to power your house, your city, and everything in between, it only seems fitting that manufacturers of all things sea, air, and land have […]

15 Solar Powered Vehicles Changing the World | Past to Future

– [Glen] Humans have utilized the power of the sun for millennia now. Starting back in the seventh century BC, we would use glass to concentrate sunlight to start fires. Fast forward to today, we’ve created solar-powered cars, boats, and even buildings. I’m Glen, and today we’re taking a look at some of the history […]

10 Solar Powered and Electric Boats making a Big Splash

– [Glenn] Ahoy mateys, did you realize that solar power is the most abundant energy source on earth? By turning to more solar powered objects, you’re reducing harmful emissions being released into your environment, and how cool is it to say that you’re harnessing star power. I’m Glenn and I’ll be your captain manning today’s […]