Tesla Model Y First Impressions!

The best electric skateboards of 2018

– Electric motors are in pretty much everything these days from cars to bikes to scooters. But one of the most fun things to ride with an electric motor in it is an electric skateboard. Believe it or not, the markets actually grown enough over the last few years that some of them are pretty […]

Formula E’s new electric racecar is groundbreaking

– I’ve done some pretty crazy things while working for The Verge. I nearly blacked out in a Red Bull Air Race plane once. I had Mario Andretti drive me around Indianapolis Motor Speedway in an IndyCar. But today I’m about to do something that’s probably more exciting, and honestly more terrifying than any of […]

The electric Porsche Taycan is ready to take on Tesla

(energetic music) – Hey, everybody. This is Sean from the Verge, and I’m standing in front of Porsche’s first eclectic car, the Taycan. Now, we’ve known about this car for a few years, but today, we’re actually gonna’ spend about five hours taking it on a road trip outside of Los Angeles to really get […]

Electric scooters may not be around for long…

– Electric scooters! Love them or hate them, they’re everywhere now. Shareable electric scooters can be found in most American cities. And they’re quickly expanding around the world to cities like Paris, Vienna, Madrid, and Tel Aviv. Scooter-sharing has been one of the biggest tech crazes of the last year with venture capitalists pouring more […]

This is why your phone doesn’t last all day

– Today’s phones are miracles of modern technology. They can stream Netflix, play incredible video games, and connect us with people around the world at anytime, all in the palm of our hands. So, how come the battery life sucks so much? You remember your old phone? The one that just played Snake and made […]

Tesla Killer: FUD and Competition

There are many people filled with fear, uncertainty, and doubt when it comes to EVs. Many myths and misconceptions are passed around as fact. In some cases these are perpetuated by people and organizations that have an axe to grind against EV adoption, and in other cases it comes from well-intentioned people who believe the […]

Why MKBHD Upgraded His Tesla Model S?

Why Did MKBHD Upgrade His Tesla Model S?

The fastest way to charge your phone without damaging the battery

– One thing I’ve noticed, as a reviewer at the Verge, is the problem surrounding smartphone batteries. Regardless of which NexGen battery technology you’re using, lithium ion batteries tend to just die during the day anyway. If science can’t come up with better battery technology, it can at least change how quickly we charge our […]