Meet the ESA experts – Resources on the Moon

It’s common knowledge that the Moon is a cratered ball of rock. Stunning as it is in the night sky or in photographs taken from orbit the landscape is barren, grey, dusty and dark. Are there other things to be found than meets the eye? I’m Alana Bartolini from ESA Education and joining me today […]

China’s Crazy Plan to Launch an Artificial Moon

Guess what? China has announced plans to launch an “artificial moon” into our skies by 2020. And, as crazy as that sounds, it’s not actually the first time something like this has been attempted. But first. China’s new plan. As reported in China Daily, China plans to launch an “illumination satellite” into orbit above the […]

Can We Colonize The Moon By 2024?

From whether we can get to it regularly, to why it would need to be done a certain way, join me as we explore whether we can colonize the moon by 2024! Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute, shall we? As we begin this brand new decade of life on Earth, there are […]

Moon: Industrial Complex

This episode is sponsored by Brilliant. The Moon has beckoned to humanity throughout history, and it will soon be our ladder, extending our reach further into the cosmos. Today we’ll be looking at the Moon, and how it might in the century to come serve as a vital manufacturing and fuel refining depot and stepping […]

How Large is the Universe?

The universe has long captivated us with its immense scales of distance and time. How far out does it stretch? Where does it end, and what lies beyond the star fields and the streams of galaxies that extend as far as telescopes can see? These questions are beginning to yield to a series of extraordinary […]

Pres. Moon in Jeollabuk-do Province to boost regional economy

jonno the South Korean government is building a huge renewable energy cluster in the southwestern city of Koonce Angela buchdahl province president moon visited the area today as part of his tour of the country’s provinces tossing me has a report president moon jaein visited Seoul a bhakta province on Tuesday on the first stop […]

Could Asteroid Mining Fuel Deep Space Travel?

If we want to colonize space, we have to figure out how to generate a large supply of life sustaining resources. The most important being water. The good news is, traces of water have been detected throughout our solar system. And asteroids may hold the most accessible abundance of water that we know of. There […]

Some… Good News? – SOME MORE NEWS

(scribbling) Hey. I should probably drink this entire bottle, huh? (twinkling) (shouts) What? I’m a monster! What is this flesh prison? What happened? (upbeat music) Oh. Really? All right, let’s do, let’s, let’s do some good news. Maybe this isn’t so bad. This show can be a real, a real stick in the mud like, […]

We’ve Never Seen a Pulsar Explode Like This | SciShow News

[♪ INTRO] Human space exploration is all the rage these days, with NASA and other organizations racing to get astronauts on the Moon and beyond. But one UK-based startup is dreaming of something a little different. They want to populate the Moon with robots. And instead of building a traditional, multi-wheeled rover, they’re designing ones […]

Faces of Technology Meet Dionne Hernandez Lugo

If we’re gonna have astronauts living on the Moon and Mars, you need power to be able to live in space. My name is Dr. Dionne Hernandez-Lugo and I manage a team that develops power systems for future space exploration. Kilopower is a nuclear technology. This set up here will be the actual size of […]