MPPT Charge Controller Review – EPSolar EPEver Tracer A Series – 12v Solar Shed

I’m very excited about this package that’s arrived today it’s an EP ever tracer it’s the the tracer 2210A 20 amp MPPT charge controller of course this is really made by EP solar for some reason they’ve decided to name this under the brand EP ever or ep ver I don’t know and anyway it’s […]

Make your own “Powerwall” (Big LiFePO4 Battery Pack!)

As you might know the electrical energy in my garage is created by solar energy which on the other hand is getting stored in a big and heavy lead acid battery. Only problem is that the original capacity of this battery decreased noticeable over time. That is why I have been searching for more modern […]

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Off-Grid Solar Systems – 02 – Solar Off-Grid System Components.

So here you can see an example of an off-grid system. And as you can see the system consists of several components and I’m gonna introduce each in this video. Let’s start with batteries. Batteries store the solar energy. Solar batteries work by storing the DC energy being produced by solar panels and giving it […]

Wiring two charge controllers in parallel

Hi this is Amy from the altE Store. So, do you ever wonder what happens if you’ve got a charge controller that is only big enough for the solar panels you’ve got, maybe one panel and a small charge controller, or you’ve got a whole array that’s maxed out. And you want to add more […]

How to connect Solar regulator and Lithium battery, step-by-step guide

Perhaps you’ve are under the impression that setting up your personal isolated solar power station for your garage summer cottage treestand caravan Or maybe about is too difficult or expensive In the following video, I’ll show you that it’s not more difficult or expensive than setting up a slot car track for your children. You […]

How much power from solar panels with mppt on 12 volt battery bank

00:00 hello again down here I’m making this 00:03 video about 12 volt battery banks and 00:08 with the make sky blue MPPT solar charge 00:11 controller a lot of people are getting 00:14 discouraged by the old school thought 00:18 that 12 volt battery banks aren’t as 00:20 efficient they have all these arguments […]

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Off-Grid Solar Systems – 05 – Charge controllers

charge controller overall view of the solar system DC switches and busbars are discussed in previous videos now it’s the time to introduce the charge control in this video we will be talking about solar charge controllers here are the topics that we will be discussing in this video solar charge controller is one of […]

Solar Battery Charger (LiPo/Li-Ion) || DIY or Buy

A while ago. I realized that I got quite a few solar panels laying around that are not being used for anything Due to the nature of solar panels, it is obviously not possible though To directly connect them to projects and thus use them as power sources They’re constantly altering output voltage and current […]

Charging a golf cart with a solar panel using a Genasun charge controller

Hi this is Amy from the altE Store. I wanted to take a minute to show you a really cool product from Genasun. It’s the GV-Boost. Now what it does is it allows you to take the power from a low voltage solar panel and charge a higher voltage battery bank. Now most MPPT charge […]