Breaking News US/Australia ll Chris Hemsworth installs HUNDREDS of solar panels at Byron Bay mansio

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are adding the finishing touches to their $20million Byron Bay mega-mansion The environmentally-conscious couple, who are moving in with their three children in November, have installed hundreds of solar panels on the roof of their sprawling property  As the Broken Head home nears completion after three years of construction work, it appears […]

10 Crazy Discoveries That Science Can’t Explain

HYBRID LIBRARIAN presenta… 10 LOCOS DESCUBRIMIENTOS QUE LA CIENCIA NO PUEDE EXPLICAR Los científicos han hecho muchos descubrimientos que han cambiado nuestras vidas pero algunos siguen esperando una explicación… “HASTATIC ORDER” Enfriar el compuesto de Uranio URu2Si2 cerca del cero absoluto, provoca una extraña reacción… …que de hecho crea una nueva propiedad de materia que […]

Scientists Just Got One Step Closer to Solving an Antarctic Mystery

In recent news, floating robots and elephant seals joined a scientific research team to help solve a mystery about our polar seas. Ok, there are giant, recurring holes called polynyas that tend to pop up in both the Arctic and Antarctic that scientists just did not understand. And no, these aren’t caused by the regular […]