A Powerful Step Forward | Gulf Power + Florida Power & Light

We’ve come a long way together. Bringing Northwest Florida through the good times. The hard times. And all the times in between. We’re neighbors… friends… family. It’s a powerful connection we share. And it’s going to remain strong; as Gulf Power joins the Florida Power and Light Family. Delivering an enhanced level of service while […]

What Fuels Oil and Gas Prices? (w/ Diego Parrilla)

DIEGO PARRILLA: My name is Diego Parrilla, I’m a mining and petroleum engineer from Spain. I did my masters in Mineral Economics in the Colorado School of Mines and the French Institute of Petroleum in Paris. I spent pretty much half of my career on the investment banking side with some of the leading global […]

Trump praises US energy industry: ‘America is now No. 1 in oil’

From Local Self-Startup To Energy Powerhouse | Darin Cook of Infinite Energy | WHOA GNV Podcast

Secretary Moniz on Natural Gas and Renewables

Obviously we’ve had what’s often termed a natural gas revolution, with unconventional production, and it is remarkable. In fact, it’s interesting that — this is a little bit of a reflection on the side — that I think we often say that, you know, the energy business is a big, slow-moving, highly inertial business for […]

Puerto Rico Moves Forward: Innovative Energy Solutions after Hurricane Maria

Juan Rosario: This is a moment in which we know there is going to be a paradigm shift. Science right now is on our side. Efraín O’neil-Carrillo: The centralized large power plants that Puerto Rico has, did not suffer really much damage. So, it wasn’t a problem of generating the power, it was a matter […]

Bill Nye The Talking Point Guy

Who hasn’t heard of Bill Nye the Science Guy? You know, that dude in a lab coat who really seems to know his sciency stuff, right? Well, it turns out Bill Nye is really more of a wind-up doll who just spouts talking points. Sorry. I know a lot of you younger folks grew up […]

Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates

I’m going to talk today about energy and climate. And that might seem a bit surprising, because my full-time work at the foundation is mostly about vaccines and seeds, about the things that we need to invent and deliver to help the poorest two billion live better lives. But energy and climate are extremely important […]

The Future of Nuclear Energy: Thorium or Uranium?

What is the future of energy? Like anything associated with the human experience, energy has a vibrantly colorful past, one that is virtually guaranteed to catalyze a new, and perhaps contentious way forward. Wood, a renewable biomass, was the first ever source of energy and continued to remain the preeminent basis of productivity in the […]