This Natural Gas Plant Has Achieved Zero Emissions

For millions of years the earth has been perfectly good at absorbing carbon dioxide our forests seas and streams suck the gas up acting as natural carbon sinks that was until humans came along and tipped the scales if we Continue to burn fossil fuels at ever rising rates We could warm the planet by […]

How To SAVE 50% On Electric, Water And Gas Bills – Save Money

Hey there! How you doing? Do I feel far away? I’m only this big! Just that big, that’s it! Look at this art! It’s bigger than I am! But I like the art, So I hope you like the art too. I think they’re pretty neat. I think they’re pretty thought provoking. You’re joining me […]

Gas is not a “bridge fuel” – it’s a climate disaster.

Is natural gas, also known as fossil gas, really a bridge fuel on the path to climate stabilization? Based on the facts, the answer is a clear NO. We meed less fossil gas, not more. Methane emitted during gas production is warming our planet faster than ever. Even if methane leakage were eliminated, replacing coal […]

Economics of Fossil and Alternative Fuels

Solar Hydrofuel and Post-Petroleum Economics A common argument against solar hydrogen and other alternatives to fossil fuels goes something like this: It takes X amount of energy to turn water into fuel (or biomass into alcohol, used cooking oil into diesel, sewage into natural gas, etc.) Therefore the process must be too inefficient to work […]

Natural Gas – The Worst Fossil Fuel of All?

We had been asking the city and the port and Puget Sound Energy many times just exactly where the gas was coming from. We know it’s piped in via pipelines. But what we’ve learned just recently is that all the gas for this LNG refinery would come straight from BC [British Columbia]. Fifty percent of […]


With 85% of the world’s energy usage lying in fossil fuels(Hendrickson 2018), and countless other industries reliant on derivatives from fossil-fuel refinement, such as plastics, beauty products, and agricultural chemicals, it is safe to say coal, petroleum, and natural gas have had a major impact on world society and industrial development. So exploration for fossil […]

How People Began Using Fossil Fuels

Decomposing plants and other organisms, buried beneath layers of sediment and rock, have taken millennia to become the carbon-rich deposits we now call fossil fuels. These non-renewable fuels, which include coal, oil, and natural gas, supply about 80 percent of the world’s energy. They provide electricity, heat, and transportation, while also feeding the processes that […]

John Kiemele explains electricity benefits for multi-residential customers

Multi-unit residential electricity customers in Ontario are unique and are able to take advantage of some special supply rates from the local utility and market supply agreements provide no benefit to these types of customers and will actually cause them to pay more. Many consumers in Ontario of a Mulit-res nature are not fully aware […]

BERNing Down America

Did you watch our six-part series on Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal?” Well, Bernie Sanders believes AOC wasn’t radical enough. The socialist senator is talking less like a presidential candidate than he is a religious prophet. His plans don’t just defy the laws of economics and energy. Green New Bernie’s plan defies reality itself. Bernie’s […]

Are Plastic Dinosaurs Made from Real Dinosaurs?!

Here’s a fun connection that people on the internet like to make: plastic is made of oil, and oil is made of dinosaurs, so when you’re playing with plastic dinosaur toys, you’re basically playing with the remains of real dinosaurs. It’s fun to think about but it’s not that simple. For one thing, oil and […]