What If Your Backpack Did All The Charging?

It looks like a regular backpack But if it was a regular backpack It’s highly unlikely that I’d be showing it to you here on Unbox Therapy where your expectations are up here They’re out of the frame. They’re so high You look at my videos and you’re like “Lew, show me the hot thing […]

DIY Electric Free energy generator 240 Volts to DC 12V – Science Experiment at School 2018

DIY Electric Free energy generator 240 Volts to DC 12V – Science Experiment at School 2018

You Won’t Believe What This | Electric Towing ATV | Machine Can Do ▶10

MTT has developed ecological and eco-friendly products which produce no smelly air pollution. These machines are completely electric and can be plugged in to recharge (just like your cell phone) for work or leisure purposes. They are safe and reliable and represent a means of transportation somewhere between snowshoes and a motorized vehicle. These devices […]

Ever Seen A Futuristic Electric Beam?

This might be the coolest lighter in the world… That’s the claim. The ‘Plazmatic X’, From a company called ‘Elementium Lighter’. They say the most badass lighter in the world. Now right about now, you’re wondering, What makes a badass lighter? I don’t get it, doesn’t it just light, or not light? Not so much! […]

What your home could look like in 50 years

(upbeat, bouncy music) – [Grant] In the last six months, we’ve seen this home of the future here in Austin, Texas go from pieces in a factory to a beautifully designed house packed with the latest connected technology. The thing about aiming for the future, is that it’s a constantly moving target. Technology and design […]

Electric Science at home , Energy Easy make With Magnet Speaker light 2019

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15 Innovative Electric Vehicles | Are Electric Vehicles The Future?

– [Glen] Electric vehicles are everywhere nowadays, and they can be anything, from scooters to medical helicopters to farm equipment. They fly, they drive, and even haul manure. I’m Glen, and today we are bringing you 15 electric personal transports that can be useful in all kinds of situations. (mid-tempo music) – Thank you for […]

You Won’t Believe What This | EV4 Electric Mountain Cart | Machine Can Do ▶8

Aero-service company was founded in 2005. Since childhood, I developed a passion for avionics and technical innovations, and I was lucky to be able to pursue my childhood dreams on my career path. Aero-Service specializes in the design, construction and repair of ultralight (metal) aircrafts. Since 2014, I decided to extend our offer and commence […]

10 Electric Vehicles 2019 | Electric Superbike | EVs | Personal Transportation

– [Glen] 2019 could be the year that electric vehicles take over the streets. With new developments in not just aesthetic features like comfort and design, but huge advancements in range and power, the vehicles on the market today are on another level. I’m Glen, and today, we’re bringing you the top 10 electric vehicles […]

15 Electric Vehicles the Future of Transportation

From bikes that look like they belong in a sci-fi fantasy like Tron, to other vehicles that are future forward with outstanding efficiency, we have got it for you here. My name is Glenn and in this video we are looking at 15 electric vehicles that’ll blow your mind with their awesomeness. Let’s step into […]