The Helicopter Accident That Changed New York

Imagine commuting 1,000 feet above traffic. 50 years ago, during the golden age of helicopter travel, you could. Until a tragic accident in 1977 brought that era to a close. But with new technology on the horizon, a new age of airborne commuting could be just around the corner. Ever since the first skyscrapers shot […]

NY1: NYCHA solar gardens to be constructed next year

New York City Housing Authority has partnered with nonprofits and small businesses to design rooftop solar gardens. The electricity generated will be available to the public through a subscription process with a number of slots dedicated to low-income New Yorkers including NYCHA residents. NYCHA has a set a goal of providing twenty-five megawatts of solar […]

How a Solar Powered Wi-fi Network Could Prepare New Yorkers for the Next Superstorm Sandy

[Upbeat music playing] DABRIAH: I’ve actually been here all my life, like I grew up here. I grew up in the Red Hook Houses. And it wasn’t always as popular an area as it is now. DABRIAH: My parents are still here. A lot of my friends are still here. It’s home. [Sirens sound] DABRIAH: […]

Live Solar Review; Long Island & Queens Panel Install

My name is Corwin Kong. There are a variety of reasons why I decided to go solar. From an investment purpose it’s a great alternative investment; it increases my property value; it also helps me become energy independent; reduces my electric bills. It’s also great for the environment, and I think about that as a […]

Study With The Best: From Solar Power to Biodiesel: CUNY and the Environment

♪ [Theme Music] ♪>>>TINABETH PINA: Welcome to Study with the Best, the magazine show that’s all about CUNY. I’m Tinabeth Pina. Today’s show is about the environment and that’s why we’re here at the Lehman College of Science Hall a building that’s as green as it gets. This leads certified center is the perfect setting […]