Can Planting Billions Of Trees Halt Climate Change?

The world is burning. In California alone, some 3 million acres have burned since 2017. Since the beginning of 2019, there have been more than 121,000 fires in Brazil, and more than half of those have been in the Amazon rainforest. These fires cost the planet trees, which help fight climate change. The 2018 wildfire […]

Parliament addresses safety of nuclear power plants

Lawmakers at the National Assembly fired questions at officials in charge of the nation’s nuclear power plants… amid growing concerns about safety after the two earthquakes that hit the country in recent days. Lawmakers on Thursday urged the officials to undertake stronger earthquake safety measures,… such as raising the sea wall at nuclear power plants, […]

South Korea expresses regret over U.S. safeguard measures on imported washing machines, solar panels

Korea’s trade ministry has responded to President Trump’s recent imposition of protective trade measures against Korean washing machines and solar panels,… saying the measures violate international trade regulations. This comes as the Korean government notified the World Trade Organization of a Request for Consultations with the U.S. over the safeguard measures. Kim Ji-yeon reports. Korea’s […]

North Korea’s electricity shortage appears to be lessening despite UN sanctions

Staying with North Korea,… the reclusive state has been suffering from a chronic shortage of electricity for years,… with many parts of the country… seeing power outages on a regular basis. But according to new reports,… the power situation in the North is actually *improving… despite a slew of new economic sanctions on the regime. […]

The Risks of Aramco’s Record-Setting IPO, Explained | WSJ

– [Narrator] So, you’re an investor, you’re looking for places to put your money, and you keep hearing about what could be the biggest IPO of all time. Saudi Aramco. – [Man] The world’s biggest share offering. – [Woman] The biggest IPO in history. – [Narrator] To be clear, the share sale is happening on […]

SFN Launch Week; China’s Role in Space; 1st Contest Winner!

Hello Space Fans and welcome to another edition of Space Fan News. This has been a big week for launches: the United Launch Alliance sends up another ISS cargo supply rocket from Cape Canaveral that included some science experiments; Russia sends two more crew members to the International Space Station; and China launches its first […]