Nuclear Power

Hi all Dr. Clark here again for natural resources we are going to examine nuclear power and so nuclear is kind of at one of those polar energies hey you either hate it or you hate the idea of it or you love it and you love the idea of it there’s very few people […]

Art Bell Interview Michio Kaku Talks about Nuclear Power Future Free Energy and NIkola Tesla

professor before Fukushima what are the possibilities both you know good and bad well you know nuclear energy had so much promise decades ago many futurists predicted that by the year 2000 we would have a thousand reactors and a thousand breeder reactors in the United States now we’re lucky to have a hundred ordinary […]

Nuclear Energy: Humanity’s LAST Hope?

our world is becoming increasingly more complex and connected for 95% of humanity’s existence we didn’t even know about electricity there is a fundamental physical law which states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed but only transformed in that sense all the energy we currently use in our homes communications factories among many other […]

Can Nuclear Fusion Provide Unlimited Clean Energy?

An entire planet powered by unlimited clean energy. It sounds like a pipe dream, but it may one day be possible. The idea that could fuel this fantasy into reality? – nuclear fusion. It’s been talked about for decades as the solution to humanity’s long-term reliance on fossil fuels, but attempts to harness it have […]

The World’s First Human-Made Nuclear Reactor

The world’s first self-sustaining nuclear reaction did not take place in a laboratory nor did it occur in some remote desert, though that might make sense if you’re about to attempt to control a power that no one has ever attempted to control before! Instead, on December 2nd, 1942, a team of forty-nine scientists and […]

12 Year Old Boy Builds Working Nuclear Reactor

A boy built a nuclear reactor in his bedroom. His bedroom became a functioning laboratory. And no his name isn’t dexter. Welcome back to inform overload, the news channel for people who hate the news. I’m charlotte dobre, if this is your first time here, hit that subscribe for daily news updates that you’ll actually […]

The Promise of Nuclear Energy

Narrator: Author Richard Rhodes explains the ramifications of harnessing the energy of the atom. Richard Rhodes: The discovery of how to release the energy locked up in the nuclei of atoms was a discovery as momentous as the discovery of fire. That’s a big statement, but I think it’s valid. Nuclear energy was the first […]

Nuclear Reactions, Radioactivity, Fission and Fusion

hey guys its professor Dave, let’s learn about nuclear reactions the electromagnetic force is responsible for the entirety of chemical phenomena. that positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons are attracted to one another is the reason that atoms form, the reason that chemical bonds and therefore molecules form, the reason that those chemical bonds […]