What Would It Take To Power Your Home For a Day?

Take a look around your home. Really look. How many electronics are plugged in right now? Toasters, air conditioners, and power-hungry screens surround you. The average American abode requires 30 kilowatt-hours of electricity every single day. But the amount of fuel that depends on the energy source. SOLAR PANELS One 300-watt, 18-square-foot solar panel can […]

What Does It Take to Enrich Uranium?

Nuclear programs are constantly in the news, with reports that they’re enriching uranium. Usually, the stories mention percentages and centrifuges, but to the uninitiated, it’s not clear why these things are important. What exactly does it mean to enrich uranium? And at what point should we be worried? Now when I imagine enriching uranium, I picture […]

Make a Tritium Nuclear Battery or Radioisotope Photovoltaic Generator

Warning: Tritium is radioactive but safe to handle as long as it is contained within its vials. Work carefully to avoid breaking the vials. If they do break, leave the area and ventilate it for a few hours to disperse the gas. Greetings fellow nerds. In this video we’re going to make a very simple […]

Energy Of The 21st Century Explained in 25 Minutes |Global Energy Scenario

Approximately 2 lakh years ago Humans first discovered the Fire. They may have witnessed fire even before that in the form of wildfires caused by the sun or the lightning strike. But 2 lakh years ago Humans learned to control and use fire for cooking and other stuff. Since then energy has been an integral […]

Carbon Neutral Fuels — Advanced Nuclear Reactors

Fossil fuel powers 1 billion cars. More every day. Each year 50 million more internal combustion engines. Researchers have discovered a way to fuel existing vehicles without warming the planet. Existing cars- carbon neutral. Existing trucks- carbon neutral. Existing buses- carbon neutral. Carbon Neutral Fuels. Synthesized from carbon in the air and hydrogen in the […]

Endzone – A World Apart | How To Play Trailer | EN

Hi, my name is Matthias and I’m one of the developers at Gentlymad. Today I’m going to show you Endzone – A World Apart. n Endzone, the world as we know it is gone. A nuclear catastrophe and a radical climate change have destroyed our earth and changed it forever. After 150 years underground, humankind […]

A Nuclear-Powered Space Mission | Mission Saturn

NARRATOR: Way out into space, the sun’s energy-giving rays grow weaker. Solar panels would be little use to Cassini passing distant planets. It needs a far longer lasting source of power. The radioactive power of plutonium-238 In Idaho Falls, behind high level security, the United States Department of Energy harnesses this prized source. The Cassini […]

Behind Chornobyl’s story revival and tourism boom

[Reporter Chris Brown] Everything to do with Chernobyl is suddenly hot again. We’re on a movie set in Budapest where a Russian movie crew is playing catch up with the wildly popular HBO Chernobyl miniseries. It’s making a Russian blockbuster version of the accident at reactor number 4. Its star and director is Danila Kozlovsky. […]