Electrical system of the heart | Circulatory system physiology | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

Here’s a diagram of the four chambers of the heart. So let’s name them to get started. So we’ve got the right atrium up here. We’ve got the right ventricle down here. We’ve got the left atrium and the left ventricle. So these are the four chambers. And blood is going to flow through all […]

Petition to stop expansion of fossil fuels industry

A petition carrying more than 100,000 signatures opposing plans to expand the fossil fuels industry has been presented to Parliament. Greenpeace launched the petition, calling for the plans to be scrapped. Energy and Resources Minister Phil Heatley says there are some people who really want to work in the industry.

What Is Electricity? | 1945 | Educational Film

Electricity is one of our most faithful servants it gives us light It starts our cars has unlimited aviation circle lobe with entertainment it cooks, and refrigerates our food these represent few of the innumerable applications of electricity electricity at work but what is electricity and where does it come from to answer these questions […]

Renewable Energy projects

Demonstrator: So they can see how their own energy translates to light… Dr. Sunkara: This is a first of its kind course that we started this summer with six faculty members from different disciplines coming with different backgrounds coming together to teach this class collaborate on this class. The course is about, world viewing principals […]

Alberto Pototschnig | Electricity Markets: The Wholesale Markets